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Via approval of Department of Commerce, chinese medicine health care tastes chamber of commerce of imports and exports (chamber of commerce of the following abbreviation) congress of the 5th member on June 3-5 day saves Hangzhou city to hold in Zhejiang.

Chamber of commerce the 4th times member congress was held in March 2002, be apart from the time that already had 6 years today. Come 6 years, industry of our country medicine and foreign trade development are swift and violent. Our country already became the state with the acridine on the world and preparation the biggest productivity, dimensions of imports and exports develops the 38.6 billion dollar 2007 from the 12.9 billion dollar 2002, increased 1.99 times. The consequence of chamber of commerce expands, authoritative position increases continuously, development makes amount of company of insider of industry of moral of health care of our country medicine function of most, service domain of more complete, business wider, industry is representative stronger social incorporation.

The member that it is good Bencihui congress, standing body of chamber of commerce produces a program on behalf of candidate at starting a member last year in September, got be answered ardently of broad membership. According to decisions of 4 7 standing board, this member congress adopted Jian of enterprise each other, offer one's services and chamber of commerce to recommend on behalf of candidate wait for a variety of means generation, distribute raise democracy in order to fill. After this, the delegate is awaited choose list to refer membership, with piece two kinds of means have meeting, news report vote, and via the chamber of commerce that held this year in March the 4th 7 times council discussion is passed, undertake on the net fair show. Heretofore, the delegate that attends member congress the 5th times already arose entirely. You are chosen to be member congress delegate the 5th times by honor ground.

This member congress is in chamber of commerce the job develops flourishingly, enter what a new development holds below period, it is cure protects industry of imports and exports in all grand meeting of a major programme of lasting importance of development of commercial firm estate. This congress general to chamber of commerce the job since congress of the 4th member undertakes summing up, the election produces new a board, standing director and orgnaization of leader of chamber of commerce, research decides job of a board plans. Congress still invited the government such as bureau of inspect of medicine of development of Department of Commerce, nation and reform committee, country to be in charge of concerned controller of the branch to attend a meeting, hold policy seminar with respect to following special subject: 1, the country props up to what cure protects product imports and exports policy; 2, RMB exchange rate and trend of exit drawback policy; 3, the administrative regulation that the country exports about medicine; 4, medicine and policy of price of medical apparatus and instruments. The seminar still will undertake answering doubt.
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