Brand Chinese traditional medicine is patent to international general patent pro
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Industry of the one drug in wide drug group announced on April 16, diabetic name drug is treated below its banner " in one card " disappear thirsty bolus obtains a country formally to invent patent. This also is meant, enterprise of this one Guangdong is in countrywide sales volume is the largest in officinal, after experiencing Chinese traditional medicine of 12 years of countries to protect, came true from Chinese traditional medicine the tradition protects mode the successful transition that to international general patent protects mode.

The reporter learns at the same time, guangxi the enterprise is opposite some Chinese traditional medicine the pharynx and larynx on its hand kind the patent application of the product also is having old brand Chinese traditional medicine in full blast in.

Should mad to be modelled on tide

An intellectual property of officinal and exclusive product in selling well around the market contends for battle sneaking, numerous the person that be modelled on has laid the view those Chinese traditional medicine are protected what be about to expire is exclusive in selling well, plant into medicines and chemical reagents, wu Changhai of general manager of industry of the one drug in occupying Guangzhou introduces, protection goes to the Chinese traditional medicine of disappear thirsty bolus to ended 2009, at present already 56 enterprises were referred be modelled on the application of this breed, eye covetously ground is staring at this breed.

According to reporter understanding, be in early 2005, officinal industry was lifted one round in be modelled on tide, affected current industry trend directly. Suffer that to be modelled on the influence of agitation, have Chinese traditional medicine early or late the enterprise referred what the medicines and chemical reagents in amounting to 1200 plants to declare confidential document to ministry of science and technology.

"Active nevertheless advantageous position still is on our hand. " Wu Changhai expresses, to protect the intellectual property of disappear thirsty bolus, basis at that time of our country in officinal protection code, the enterprise already applied for Guangdong to save Chinese traditional medicine to keep secret breed and national Chinese traditional medicine protect breed early or late. But in recent years, register the adjustment of policy as medicines and chemical reagents, as the disappear thirsty of confidential breed bolus already cannot satisfy the need that broad consumer know the inside story counterpoises, the constituent of medicines and chemical reagents and craft apt are made public to the masses. Making the pretense that research and development improves plus a few enterprises, with incorrect disappear thirsty ball team just undertakes is modelled on, baleful even grab the prescription that signs up for thirsty bolus of similar pass the time in a leisurely way and craft patent, constitute great menace with medicine to the safety of broad consumer.
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