China hides medical industry to already entered an international market
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Reported on April 30 according to economic daily, below the support that manufactures a technology in national investment and modern scientific research, the China that develops increasingly hides medical industry to had beaten the entrance door of noisy international market.

In the 103rd wide hand in on the meeting, come day after day, much home hides what medicine produces a business to exhibit before, the client is filled with the door. Qinghai brilliant Wang Kai of vise general manager of group of bead Tibet drug army say, since kicking off 3 days, they had recieved many 100 abroad purchase business, people demands sample to him in succession. The tea of embellish of the Qing Dynasty that discharge poison of new development and equipment of tea of Tibet of Chinese caterpillar fungus get attention.

The Tibetan medicine that is born at Qinghai-Tibet Platean is the main component of treasury of China tradition medicine, having 2, 500 old histories. In wide hand in on the meeting, these downy medicaments such as fruit of ginseng of aweto, red red-spotted stonecrop, the bulb of fritillary, palm, ginseng, get the favour of people.

The course is old give aid to meticulously with development, china has hidden medicine for traditional Tibetan medicine " walk out of " Qinghai-Tibet Platean laid solid foundation. The orgnaization Tibetan cure of Tibet, Gansu Province, Qinghai and Beijing and other places is right traditional medical literature and medicaments function had extensive development arrange, mining and research, up to now, already a variety of 20 Tibet medicine include formally " pharmacopoeia of People's Republic of China " , still 336 kinds of Tibet medicine obtain ministry of Ministry of Public Health to promulgate standard.

Dadanzeng weighs the Tibetian scholar that once had held Chinese Tibet part-time to learn a research center to hide medical institute director, tibetan medicine had become industry of a pillar, and Tibetan hospital and Tibetan medical courses in general also spread all over Tibetan whole area, arrange to hiding medicine, mining and research work, it is the protection of traditional to Tibet culture not only, also let for generations accept the people Tibetan an area that hides medical cure to become the directest person that be benefited.

It is reported, in recent years, the country invests a batch of more than 200 million yuan modernization to hide pharmaceutical factory, course of study already built early or late in and other places of Tibet, Qinghai. Because value the international market perspective that hides medicine, capital of a few international also entered Tibetan medicine to develop a property.

Appear in likewise wide hand in the Qinghai on the meeting to save blueness to hide medicinal material limited company, it is one registers capital gold 2, 0 yuan Chinese-foreign joint venture. Li Yan of this company selling manager is smooth say, these days, the foreign trader that everyday nearly 20 come from Hong Kong and southeast Asia area will exhibit negotiate, they had signed the tentative agreement offerring money that sells aweto product with enterprise of two Hong Kong.
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