Market of Indian medicinal herbs may achieve ruble of 14500 ten million 2012
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Current, indian government is beginning to build database of Indian tradition medicaments, the purpose is to prevent to appear include officinal plant inside shocking drug patent dispute. Current, the value estimation of market of Indian medicinal herbs has ruble of 7000 ten million, and the herbal raw material that exports by India and medical price value exceeded ruble of 3600 ten million.

The ministerial PanabaakaLakshmi of sanitation of Indian country traffic and department of domestic material benefits says: "We are building a digital library, include the classic medicaments database that Indian medicinal herbs learns inside namely. Such doing is to prevent to abuse us old culture bequest and generation are shocking drug patent dispute. " Lakshmi expresses, officinal floral effect needs India to come down with better method record, and the export latent capacity of these medicaments should fill apart hair. It is reported, indian government tastes quality and hurried imports and exports to raise medicine, already built a batch of medicinal herbs to cultivate base, raised officinal floral to grow a capacity greatly, continue to be opposite of product and craft have depth development and seek sale of effective herbal product market politic.

The research of Assocham of Indian industry orgnaization shows: To 2012, market of Indian medicinal herbs may achieve ruble of 14500 ten million, exit will achieve ruble of 9000 ten million.

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