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Suffer visit a honored guest: Assistant president of limited company of pharmacy of happiness of Xi'an of person of heart of Du Chengjiang Tsinghua

The sale is transferred to the 3rd terminal mainly

New medical service changes in the broad sense idea that has insurance of a medical treatment, let everybody enjoy healthy assurance. To pharmacy business, this is an opportunity that cannot miss. Our target market is main in the past it is 2 armour or 3 armour hospital, because our high-end product is of high additional cost, high-tech, the price is so higher also. But, in the course that changes in new medical service, the country uses medical attention to country and community hospital, let us deliver the view morely to community and rural market. We paid close attention to 2 armour and the cent of 3 armour hospitals to sell an amount all the time in the past, next we allocate what increase medicines and chemical reagents to community and country quantity, and should straighten sale channel.

At present the sale scale of market of our high end occupies 60 % probably, low end the market occupies 40 % left and right sides.

Strengthen medicines and chemical reagents to superintend benefit to develop at the enterprise

New medical service changes a course in, the country also is being increased ceaselessly to the superintendency strength of medicines and chemical reagents. The healthy relationship that medicines and chemical reagents follows people is close, strict inspect body reveals the attitude that the country bears the blame to people, in the meantime, this development to the enterprise also is a favour, if false bad medicines and chemical reagents cannot roll out the market, the business that produces to the standard will be a kind of environment is optimized. Management board of medicine of national traditional Chinese medical science manages to Chinese traditional medicine now take seriously particularly, no matter be raw material or manufacturing segment, strengthening management.

But new medical service changes bring opportunity while, a few policy that owe science also produced a few negative effects to the enterprise, for instance medical invite public bidding of the country purchases policy. Itself the jumping-off place of this policy is good, but measure of form a complete set did not catch up with. Commissariat rises in price now, water and electricity is gas rise in price, all raw material rise in price, but medicines and chemical reagents depreciates however, of company of drug of this pair of traditional Chinese medical sciences damaging is bigger. Hair change appoint also realized this circumstance last year, had begun to adjust policy stage by stage now.

Produce learn to grind union quickens Chinese traditional medicine modern

Tsinghua De Renfei often takes seriously produce learn to grind unifinication, we and Tsinghua university college of medicine, assist with academy of traditional Chinese medical science of university college of medicine, Shaanxi it is close partner, the breed of their research and development is here implementation industrialization. We in Chinese traditional medicine modern respect basically pays attention to a few domains. One is high-end health care is tasted, basically be to be aimed at inferior healthy crowd, and the medicines and chemical reagents of precautionary health care of a few healthy crowds. The 2nd kind is the drug that treats a gender, basically provide hospital of 2 armour, 3 armour, the content of science and technology of this kind of medicines and chemical reagents is very high.
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