Extraction content exported 20 strong companies 2007
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Extraction content exported 20 strong companies to be 2007:

1. Beijing green Inc. of technology of Jin Kesheng content;

2. Industry of Ning Bo's green be good at drug limited company;

3. Limited company of pharmacy of Shanghai ferry village;

4. Heart letter goes (Zhuhai) essence flavor limited company;

5. Free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor limited company of biological product of wheat Fu Liantai;

6. Technology of project of live thing of Xi'an bright day is finite liability company;

7. Inc. of science and technology of biology of Guilin Lai mattress;

8. Shanghai north joins food limited company;

9. Limited company of food of high-tech of grand of chrysanthemum of city of another name for Jiangxi Province;

10. Chinese medicine health care tastes limited company;

11. Health care of Zhejiang province medicine tastes imports and exports finite liability company;

12. Limited company of Zhejiang benefit loose pharmacy;

13. In earthy cultivate limited company of flavor of 3 benefit essence;

14. Limited company of an international trade of Shanghai;

15. Industrial limited company is turned in Qingdao;

16. Limited company of science and technology of being of Qingdao embellish heart;

17. Qingdao contest is special flavor limited company;

18. Stone lion city external economic trading company;

19. Limited company of flavor of Kunming fragrance beautiful meaning;

20. Shanghai 10 thousand sweet day turns limited company.

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