Ginseng exported amount to will maintain left and right sides of 40 million doll
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Tasted chamber of commerce of imports and exports to understand from Chinese medicine health care a few days ago, because be opposite on international ginseng is officinal reached sanitarian action to have approbate further, ginseng resides before world medicinal herbs is popular 3 firmly all the time, demand rises steadily. Exit of our country ginseng broke through 40 million dollar 2007, reach forty-three million five hundred and eighty-three thousand dollar, grow 27.1% compared to the same period, achieve all previous Shixin is tall since 2000.

Ginseng is material of our country rare Chinese traditional medicine, have nourishing and strong, prophylaxis and treatment the effect of a variety of diseases, it is contemporary and natural the delegate of benefiting medicine, be known as " the king of Chinese traditional medicine " . Ginseng is a large amount of breed that material of our country Chinese traditional medicine exports, year exit forehead is in above of 30 million dollar, the medicinal material in occupying exports the 8% above of amount.

Export unit price rises ceaselessly, was 2007 the one big characteristic that our country ginseng exports. As we have learned, annual ginseng exported unit price on average to reach 16.2 dollars 2007 / kilogram, grow 20.2% compared to the same period. Raised entrance ginseng level as a result of the market such as Japan, Europe and United States, at the same time our country also increased the trade supervision strength to exporting ginseng, promoted the promotion that exports unit price on average. In addition, ginseng crop decreases, manufacturing cost rises, the RMB appreciates also is the element that ginseng price rises.

2007, my compatriots enters area of the biggest outlet is an Asia as before, exit forehead is twenty-eight million nine hundred and thirty-eight thousand dollar, grow 12.2% compared to the same period, 65.7% what occupy our country ginseng to export total. Among them, the abidance that Japan gets market of domestic healthy food is pulled move, also show ascendant trend to the demand of raw material of our country ginseng. Europe is the another main area that our country ginseng exports, the exit forehead 2007 is 9.142 million dollar, grow 113.4% compared to the same period, 21.4% what occupy ginseng to export total. 2007, our country ginseng presents rapid growth trend to European exit, germany, Italy, polish, Holand and France are before 5 big markets.

Concerned expert points out, current, our country supplies the upper reaches that industrial catenary still is in in catenary in world ginseng product, give priority to in order to supply raw material, still lack the well-known trademark of finished products of high additional cost in the international market. In addition, management business of export of our country ginseng is overmuch, cannot form dimensions advantage, fight risk ability poorer. In the meantime, the ginseng on international exports a standard to rise ceaselessly, taller and taller to the requirement of pesticide remain, heavy metal, the product is rejected to close, the phenomenon that return money happens from time to tome.
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