Ginseng exported amount to will maintain left and right sides of 40 million doll
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For this, chinese medicine health care tastes chamber of commerce of imports and exports to suggest executive intensive is changed, standardization and brand change development strategy. Increase the management of pair of ginseng industries and adjusting control, tone reduces the scale of production with control ginseng, guide enterprise intensive to change manage. Undertake declining to ginseng industry from the respect such as custom duty of taxation, imports and exports, in order to protect the healthy progress of domestic ginseng industry, strengthen quality management and standard construction. Breed exit famous brand, carry out management of export business aptitude.

It is reported, cure protects chamber of commerce to organizing an enterprise to establish standard of exit ginseng quality at present, guide an enterprise to improve exit product quality, establish ginseng the international figure of rare medicinal material. Cure protected chamber of commerce to still be begun with standard of product warranty system, industry, cultivate base and but construction of date from system be core " prepared herbal medicine in small pieces ready of decoction exports Chinese traditional medicine sincere letter brand " selection job.

The expert points out, 2008, our country will still continue to strengthen the superintendency of pair of ginseng product exit. Exit amount will maintain predicting annual ginseng to be controlled in 40 million dollar, export unit price to will still go up continuously raise, hopeful breaks through 20 dollars / kilogram.

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