Chinese herbal medicine can store up after all how long
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Some families are used to an a bit rarer medicinal material or commonly used a few Chinese herbal medicine store up after redemptive home so that be being used,rise convenient, resemble the tuber of elevated gastrodia, 37, ginseng kind waiting for cordial to be put is several years. After course of Chinese herbal medicine stores up for a long time, where is the quality that whether affects medicines and chemical reagents? Home of traditional Chinese pharmacology passes practice proof, if store up,most Chinese herbal medicine is in inside proper time the method is proper, still maintain its quality and curative effect. But, have a few Chinese herbal medicine additionally, after the course stores up although the exterior did not produce phenomenon of mildew eat by moth, but curative effect was reduced, this explains the immanent quality of Chinese traditional medicine had had change.

In store up in the process, have one part crude drug, the air besides the outside, moisture, solar, temperature, microbial outside waiting for an element, itself also can arise a series of chemical change, changing class status ceaselessly. For example blueness of the four seasons, giant knotweed contain many tan to pledge, can oxidize ceaselessly below enzymatic action, polymerization makes other material, reduce curative effect thereby. Wait like the seed of Oriental arborvitae, peach kernel, Yu Liren, angelica, medlar again contain the part such as a large number of adipose oil, agglutinant sugariness, these medicinal materials are extremely easy " go oily " . Additional, skin of field mint, admire orchid, wrinkled giant hyssop, the pride of China, orange contains the medicinal material of volatile composition one kind, had stored up long, be absent because of aroma and affect quality, reduce curative effect. Conversely, also have a few crude drugs, need to store up through proper time, make its composition natural decompose, in order to reduce its noxiousness, or let its volatilize of person of be disgusted with " fishy " . Be like frankincense, all sorts of glue such as myrrh, donkey-hide gelatin kind wait for breed with dried tangerine or orange peel.

Anyhow, chinese herbal medicine stores up time length, cannot treat as the same, want a foundation the property of all sorts of medicinal materials, store up condition and theory. But from the safety that use drug effective angle sets out, should not be too long commonly. Herb (contain leaf, flower) do not exceed two years commonly; Xylophyta (contain root, bine, skin) do not exceed 3 years; Fructification, seed kind do not exceed 4 years; Mineral it is advisable to do not exceed 10 years.

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