New drug is special medical exposition shows a country great medicine achievemen
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Recently, "Forum of high level of 2008 China healthy science and technology (HealthTech2008) and new special medical exposition? The 43rd whole nation is new special Fair of medicines and chemical reagents " the press conference is held in international exhibition center of Xi'an music river. Encourage of An Daochang of vice director of center of development of technology of biology of ministry of science and technology, traditional Chinese medicine exhibits an exhibition Wei of the Song Dynasty of vise general manager of finite liability company, country (Shanghai) biology medicine patent is revealed trade to central director Ren Jun is attended and make a speech.

Dimensions of market of Chinese healthy medical treatment exceeded 1 trillion yuan of RMBs 2007. Predict 2020, china will become the whole world to be next to market of the 2nd big medical treatment. The State Council already was discussed and the principle contrives through weighing old new drug national science and technology weighs big special executive program, with platform construction drives the research and development of innovation medicaments, become our country construction big state of powerful nation of medical science and technology and medical industry quickly. Chinese pharmacy industry year all increase rate is as high as 16% , market dimensions ranks the whole world the 9th, predict the 6th to will jump house whole world 2011.

The whole nation is new special medical Fair is domain of medical health science and technology and life science internationally congress, the professional exposition that is the medical science and technology that China has force most and life science domain and technical platform, it is connection " the official is produced learn to grind endowment take " link bridge. As industrial development, the commerce function with original Fair has dropped, the acting information distribution centre that centers in order to make total trade most. To be highlighted better new special of medical Fair " new " , promote newest medicine science and technology to produce learn to grind unifinication, encourage of traditional Chinese medicine exhibits do one's best to be in original new special on medical Fair, through holding the forum of high administrative levels and technical butt joint to meet, to platform of a communication is built between scientific research orgnaization and manufacturing company, implementation accords with the oneself transition that the market needs.

It is reported, "Forum of high level of 2008 China healthy science and technology (HealthTech2008) and new special medical exposition " be combine a country by ministry of science and technology the medicine that many relevant ministries and commissions holds jointly is healthy of domain of science and technology internationally congress, its tenet is " development medicine science and technology, stimulative mankind is healthy " , the conference will discuss the forward position of science and technology of domain of health of domestic and international medicine and heat, the science and technology that holds domain of world medicine health develops posture, the science and technology of domain of health of medicine of delibrate our country develops key and way; Put forward to quicken the countermeasure of science and technology that industry of health of our country medicine grows and proposal; Show the newest gain of product of our country healthy science and technology, stimulative technology trades.
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