Endeavor: New era of bracket of open medicaments wash out
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In what hold recently China intervened 2008 on cardiology congress, cardiovascular disease experts approved the Endeavor of bracket of new generation medicaments that appear on the market newly to American FDA to give wide attention, think this is the incident of a milepost of domain of treatment of sickness of coronal arteries and veins, indicating support of medicaments wash out is new the advent of the times.

"Of medicaments bracket come out, solved naked metal bracket the issue with again narrow high rate, curative effect is accordingly outstanding. And Endeavor bracket not only curative effect is outstanding, still solved medicaments bracket terminal thrombus leads the security issue with nakedder metal tallish bracket, it is the another breakthrough of medicaments bracket. " Beijing mounds outside Yang Yue of hospital assistant dean is entered point out.

Endeavor bracket is FDA approves the support of first medicaments wash out that appear on the market since 2004. The analysis of the security collect data that submitting FDA shows in the report, the bracket thrombus appears inside a year odds after the patient art of use Endeavor bracket is less than 1% , and appear the 2nd year to the 3rd year the odds of bracket thrombus is lower to 0.08% . The report still gave out 3 years to dog the occurence rate of security accumulative total of research: Bracket thrombus is 0.7% , cardiac muscle stalk is to death 2.7% , death of heart source sex is 1% . And buy appears into the patient of naked metal bracket death of heart source sex and cardiac muscle stalk are dead for 6.6% , it is better to show Endeavor to be behaved than naked metal bracket in safety performance respect.

The clinical effectiveness of Endeavor bracket and the support of mainstream medicaments wash out of American market is at present same. Compare with Taxus bracket photograph, endeavor Ⅳ period large-scale contrast randomly the experiment achieves main terminus. In mortality of blood-vessel of main and terminal target (TVF) respect, endeavor bracket is when 9 months 6.6% , taxus bracket is 7.2% . In all pathological changes respects that are analysed, both result is similar, carry of blood of target pathological changes rebuilds (TLR) the difference of occurence rate does not have remarkable statistical significance. Ⅱ period experiment makes clear, endeavor bracket compares naked metal support in the TLR occurence rate when 9 months little 61% above, and effect of this kind of therapy can last, in whole 3 years dog intervene only occurence rate again in research 7.3% .

What Endeavor uses is cobaltic alloy bracket, the medicaments Zotarolimus that union prevents a cell one kind to breed and biology are compatible polymer PC coating. This kind of polymer can imitate the surface of red blood cell, enclothe go up in cobaltic alloy bracket, this kind of structure makes a rope for towing a boat the main force of bracket is extremely flowing and small, make bracket can lap surely separate with blood stream in arterial wall.
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