Soja of own research and development is low get together phthalein will be used
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Center of promotion of research of national soja deep processing technique is adopted " use integratedly, albumen of enzymatic solution of factor of successive extraction function, converse keep, biology " the invention patent technology of own innovation, produce per year 20 million tons to all think the left and right sides, domestic and internationally to be able to use those who become fodder only with our country " high temperature beans dregses of rice " for raw material, successfully from tall (or microtherm) the beans dregses of rice medium extraction finishs tall purity soja low get together yellow ketone of different of peptide, tall purity, soja is compound function factor, low get together glucoside of candy, black, nucleic acid, condense feed of albumen, albumen, prandial fiber. Among them tall purity soja is low get together peptide, via checking new retrieval domestic and internationally, did not see have congener technology and product, be on world banner level. The taking that this own innovation invents patent technology is sure to be opposite industry of our country health food, medicine produces far-reaching effect.

Long-term since, tall purity is low get together the extraction of peptide is cosmopolitan difficult problem all the time, already some product protein purity do not exceed 90% , soja peptide content is 55% , 80% , white of color weak Huang Huo, have peculiar smell, all think soja albumen arrives by macromolecule degradation when young member domestic and internationally, peptide tendon ruptures inevitable generation is bitter, acerbity the peculiar smell that waits for your person to be accepted hard, such account also are in standard and write even.

According to national soja deep processing technique considers to popularize Jiang Haokui of central director Li Rong and professor, chief engineer to introduce, because,having peculiar smell is component of other blame protein (yellow ketone of the glucoside that be like black, different) , the result that remain creates in soja peptide product, is not the flavour of peptide itself. The tall purity that national soja deep processing technique studies to popularize a center to extract is low get together peptide, without any peculiar smell, only dissociate the small acidity of amino acid, and color is snow-white, pulverous and exquisite, complete dissolve at water, after adding water, show " true solution " condition.

Protein is human body place needs the first nutriment, 45% what occupy gross of human body dry matter, 70% what occupy muscle gross, the cell of human body, organization, organ basically comprises composition to all be protein, immunity of the metabolism of human body, disease-resistant, humoral balance, hereditary information is delivered etc closely related all without exception and protein, "Do not have life without protein " , so protein calls the mankind again " the first nutriment " . Protein absorption is the key of life activity, the protein in food absorbs body inside, need is passed " enzymatic solution " digestive ability is absorbed, need 4 hours about, low get together peptide not inside classics human body enzymatic solution process, can be absorbed directly, it is the young member albumen that can absorb quickly, to inferior the healthy crowd, inpatient, student before taking an examination of crowd that needs fast complement to restore physical ability albumen nutrition, quickly is relatively good albumen cause.
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