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The product of industrialization of group weaver Cheng that our country has completely own intellectual property first times -- active man-made skin develops a success by stomatological hospital of the 4th Military Medical University. A few days ago, "Active man-made skin " already obtained " product of medical apparatus and instruments registers certificate " . This mark is worn skin of project of our country organization considered to reach international advanced level, entered industrialization period.

The data shows, our country is annual burn and cankerous patient are made an appointment with 15 million, make an appointment with 3.5 million person to need to undertake the skin transplants among them. Come for years, burn of clinical cure skin all is used transplant from body skin, this kind " tear open east the wall fills on the west wall " method, cause the patient's new scar not only, still can appear sometimes " without the wall detachable " phenomenon. Accordingly, begin cutaneous of constituent project man-made to consider, already became science of 21 centuries life to study a heat of the domain.

To discuss human body to be able to replace the new approach of skin origin, director of staff room of pathology of stomatological hospital of the 4th Military Medical University Professor Jin Yan leads the member that the task is comprised, begin from 1998 " man-made skin " the research of the task, won a state " 15 " , " 915 " , " 863 plans " great and special reach army and Shaanxi province task to aid financially. Their principle according to constituent project and method, the healthy skin organization of human body, use outside body digest, the technology such as detached, education, get cuticular cell and derma to become fiber cell, add through a large number of enlarge, reach algebra according to cellular type, built the cellular warehouse of different utility, become cuticular cell, derma fiber cell again on bracket of albumen of collagen of compound Yu Niu, make its form definite pattern function afresh, foster a kind of live system that has life active successfully to organize the skin thereby.

According to Introduction Jin Yan, the man-made skin that develops through method of this kind of high-tech, say on medicine to organize project skin. The biggest characteristic has man-made cutaneous two. It is to foster enlarge to add fast. Need the active skin of fingernail size only, the active skin that can foster enlarge very quickly to add the patient place that gives decuple, hundredfold or larger area to need, in order to satisfy the need of clinical cure. Man-made skin ply makes an appointment with 2~3 millimeter, contain rich growth factor and vivid cell, have structure of natural cutaneous double deck not only -- cuticular layer and dermal layer character, and there is new breakthrough on colour and lustre, simple sense and biology consistence, be close to skin of human body oneself, response of its immunity repulsion is low, heal time is fast. Can reduce scar to form. 2 it is clinical application simple. Can resemble " achieve can stick " use in that way convenient. Below the doctor's guidance, the apply after needing to clean disinfection in affected part only is stuck can, the traumatic face after its rehabilitate lives more, will be organized finally to replace by human body oneself, because this can be used extensively at scar of skin of each seed coat, burn, ulcer, traumatic operation,reach the patient such as skin plastics. The much home hospital such as classics Beijing, Guangdong and Shaanxi is close 1000 patients are clinical application, all obtained ideal result, its amount to 95% above into power.
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