Mexican scholar develops copper to match a compound anticarcinogen
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The scientist of university of Mexican state-maintaineding autonomy develops a new drug that is a foundation with the metal, already proved through lab and live body these medicine have the effect that fight cancer, the remedial respect that can wait in cancer of rectum cancer, neck of breast cancer, lung cancer, palace produces effect.

The scientist plants this synthetic entitle " Casiopeina " , it is a kind of copper mixes a compound. Animal experiment shows, this kind of medicaments that is a foundation with copper has the effect that fight cancer, although medicaments shows very intense noxiousness when use, but its inside animal body sanguification after be being treated through 15 days learns a level to be able to return to normal.

The scientist emphasizes, this is a kind of noxiousness the low, material that won't cause mutation. In fact, the medicines and chemical reagents that change cure can cause new cancer sometimes, but the mutation rate of this kind of new material is very low.

Another characteristic of this medicine is, it is more healthy than be opposite to tumor cell the cell is more effective, in addition its fundamental synthetic (copper) cheaper than platinum a lot of, this will make final pharmacy cost is reduced greatly. The place of the innovation of this one synthetic depends on replacing current and certain anticarcinogen to taste uses platinum with copper. Although the anticarcinogen that contains platinum is effective, but at the same time poisonous also, and noxiousness is long.

Heretofore scientist had synthesized complex of about 100 kinds of copper, among them two kinds can have had clinical trial.

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