EIZO company pushs 3 newly medical monitor
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On April 7, high end shows 3 kinds of newest research and development to company of equipment manufacturer EIZO rolled out his in Beijing medical monitor product: Have 5 years to guarantee period 5MP digitlization mammary gland becomes amphibious like monitor RadiForce GS520, new-style color and monochromatic LCD and FlexScan MX series is clinical check monitor. The concerned controller of this company expresses, these monitor support in technical content, after service, technology wait for a respect all relatively before the product rises somewhat.

Sell introduction of general manager king Dr. Ling according to area of EIZO company Asia-Pacific, the RadiForce GS520 monitor of new research and development is medical in monitor first have 5 years to guarantee period 5MP monitor product. This monitor supports input of 3 kinds of signal, can be based on an user to be opposite the requirement of budget and function and a variety of showing card matchs. For nervous to the budget user, single-Link signal joins supportive introduction class shows clip. Additional, because this monitor is compositive the number is even equalizer (DUE) wait for a function, because this can show to all liquid crystal the picture brightness of screen is inhomogenous,character undertakes compensating.

Past hospital each section office purchases monitor according to what wanting indication image kind, if use chromatic monitor to undertake radiography, and monochromatic monitor is used at observing high resolution image, however as image shares demand grow in quantity and graphical processing technology to develop ceaselessly between the branch, arose to be opposite the need of the high-end multipurpose video that can show color and monochromatic picture at the same time. Use RadiForce RX211 video, monochromatic and chromatic image can be examined on monitor of solid same now table.

In addition, what EIZO rolls out is new-style and clinical check monitor -- monitor of FlexScan MX series can press calibration of DICOM PART14 standard. Should receive go up how to contain the PC system of RadiCS LE software, the ego of FlexScan MX series diagnoses a function to be able to use monitor to be in a poor light sensor has regular examination to brightness built-inly. Through detecting, if appear,change, ego calibration function can undertake simple calibration according to standard of DICOM PART 14, include pair of ash rank, brightness, degree of saturation to undertake correction.

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