East the heart CAD of own research and development passes soft medical treatment
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By east the heart computer of own research and development assists soft medical treatment CardioCAD 2.0 of testing system software controlled management board through national provision medicines and chemical reagents a few days ago (SFDA) attestation. This is east after CAD of mammary gland of afterwards of soft medical treatment mere when the CAD software that lies between two months to pass SFDA attestation again, broke transnational corporation to be opposite thereby the forestall of market of software of CAD of heart of home, international.

Heart computer assists testing system abbreviation " heart CAD " , it is to assist a doctor to decide coronary artery disease, undertake the record, professional and video processing that save and manages to assessment result software, important sense is had in cardiovascular sickness make a diagnosis and give treatment. Clinical test makes clear: East the heart CAD software of research and development of soft medical treatment is had and the effectiveness with world congener same product is mixed security, its use computer technology to combine image to handle a technology, can process the data of image of angiography art of coronary artery CT that accords with DICOM3.0 standard format, the image of three-dimensional heart angiography after can scanning to many CT undertakes handle and be analyticed, in order to assist the configuration of doctor observation coronary artery, judge pathological changes have without, the weight of degree, and the main feature of pathological changes, the video processing that can offer to be aimed at radiography of heart blood-vessel CT technically for the doctor analyses working platform.

Introduce according to personnel of research and development, east the automatic ration of the automatic and analytic, hemal parameter of data of image of the extraction that the main function of product of CardioCAD 2.0 of soft medical treatment includes tree of automatic coronary artery and heart image data, hemal tree measures quantity and seesaw pattern to measure, what can have a variety of a variety of view, perspectives to pathological changes is qualitative evaluate, and have a record to assessment result, save and management. These functions make this product is checked in platoon of negative of coronary heart disease, spot piece is qualitative after criticizing analysis of sex of danger of make allowance for, method (bracket, build the bridge to wait) follow visit, stricture is evaluated, coronary artery mutation and deformation are diagnosed wait for a respect to have admirable clinical, assisting clinical detect the respect came true video diagnose from qualitative the leap to ration.

Cardiovascular disease already became one of great menace of human health now, first what no matter be incidence of a disease or mortality,all reside of all kinds disease, be learned by world medicine the group is state-owned think the harm is healthy " the first killer " . And our country is one of countries with ill incidence of a disease of world heart and vessels and very high mortality. Statistical data makes clear: At present patient of disease of our country heart and vessels already exceeded 150 million person, the patient that dies every year at cardiovascular disease is as high as above of 4 million person, 50% what because the disease causes dead number,take our country about, 24% what occupy mortality of disease of world heart and vessels, show the sign that rises apparently. A few medicine experts that participate clinical research express, east of CAD of heart of soft medical treatment roll out, produce the accuracy that diagnoses to increasing a heart and vessels, job intensity that reduces a doctor main effect, will drive cardiovascular disease video diagnose more specialization, reduce leakage examine considerably thereby rate and by accident examine rate, the inchoate discovery that is disease of our country heart and vessels, seasonable make a diagnosis and give treatment offers effective solution. (congratulate of Xin of the Song Dynasty)
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