Research shows a kind of new drug can reduce the cruor risk after support operat
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American researcher is new the clinical trial result that announce shows, a kind of new drug can reduce the risk that cardiovascular disease patient produces cruor after embedded bracket considerably, its effect wants the remedy that excel uses normally at present.

Accordingly media reports 30 days, does the United States breath out the Si Difen of Buddha university college of medicine? The person such as Dr. Weiweiaote says on annual meeting of American cardiology courtyard, they undertook study to making an appointment with 13 thousand patients. Part inside these patient system embedded medicaments coating bracket and other the heart bracket of a variety of types.

In research, half patient accepts a new drug that is Prasugrel to combine aspirin therapy, this kind of new drug comes to a company wait for development by American ceremony. Additionally half patient accepts thunder of chloric Bi case to combine aspirin to treat, this is the current treatment method that cruor produces after preventing support operation at present. Study the result discovers, with hind photograph of a group of patients is compared, the venture that plaque forms all round before one group of patient support wants on average low 58% the left and right sides.

The research of the person such as Weiweiaote already was in as a result " Liu Xie knife " publish on magazine network edition. It is reported, prasugrel is in those who accept American food and medicaments management board to examine and approve at present.

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