Argentina rolls out medicaments of first kinds of candy antibiotic
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Argentine wholesome authorities rolls out medicaments of the candy that Argentina need not drink water first kinds to take antibiotic 26 days, in order to facilitate the child is taken with the old person that deglutition function degrades.

This kind of candy of Argentine development penicillin kind antibiotic A Mo Xilin is mixed on medical effect common Amoxilin medicaments just the same, but water deglutition need not be drunk when people is taken, resemble eating candy to chew in that way swallow can.

The expert that attends development work says, to 8 years old of children that come 13 years old, inadequacy of children medicaments dosage is taken when falling ill, take adult medicaments to often can appear deglutition is difficult. In addition, the function of old person deglutition of 70 years old of a lot of above degrades, take capsule and pill not easily. Candy antibiotic can help they and the child that when those illness, do not wish to take medicine solve the problem with take medicine difficult.

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