Shanghai considers to point out crop blight hopeful gets inhibition
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Common people buys green vegetables, stem from pair of remain pesticide scruple, love raises key point having worm. Xu Yuquan of institute of science and technology of life of Shanghai traffic university teachs academic scientific research group to study through more than 10 years, discovered one can control the bacterium individual plant of plant disease effectively, develop a microbial source then " green pesticide " explain Qin mildew element. It won't produce chemical and harmful material of remain already, can make vegetable of melon and fruit long again " beautiful " . This task group studies achievement won first prize of progress of city science and technology a few days ago.

The farmer often can come up against similar case when growing vegetable of melon and fruit: Hardship cultivated the muskmelon of a few months, pimiento to wait, because got " blight " , ministry of decay of plant bine tendril, root is atrophic, do not blossom also not result, white, the loss is not little. Disease of plant wither sex, epidemic disease of if muskmelon tendril is withered ill, chili, it is the frequently-occurring disease with common crop, to agriculture production causes huge loss. According to statistic, the whole nation is annual of plant wither disease come on the area is in 25 million mus of second above, crop loss is amounted to 20% the left and right sides, pecuniary loss billions of yuan. The method that controls this disease effectively has not been found up to now on the world.

Xu Yuquan group passes old research, from inside soil of plant root border the sieve singles out individual plant of bacterium of afterbirth of a kind of false sheet (M18) , its metabolization child can be restrained effectively by soil " fungus " the wither sex disease that the bacteria causes, still can promote a plant to grow, pesticide denominate orgnaization names its active ingredient for explain Qin mildew element. This group uses M18 bacterium individual plant in the lab " production " explain Qin mildew element, began a few assaying, obtain industrialization to produce individual plant of uses high yield bacterium, ferment with the tradition craft optimizes technical union. Current, the group discovered element of bacterium of olivine of cane of another kind of active part from inside the metabolization content of M18 bacterium individual plant again, add explain Qin mildew element, this is the can produce material of these two kinds of antibiosis in same bacterium individual plant bacterium individual plant that reachs this age bound to go up to report exclusively. In the world, the group publishs research paper tens of piece, m18 bacterium individual plant also obtains a country to invent patent.

Current, what task group and cooperation of company of products of Shanghai Nong Lesheng content produce is efficient microbial source antiseptic explain Qin mildew element already moved toward the market, in the 6 provinces such as Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang the field edge of a field of one city popularizes application, accumulative total usable floor area amounts to 16.1 million mus of second above, by average every mus second reduce a loss 200 yuan of computation, the social benefit that estimates generation is 3.2 billion yuan. The data that from each district the experiment collects looks, explain Qin mildew element is used at epidemic disease of chili of prevention and cure and watermelon blight to wait have favorable effect, amount to 75% above on average. Professor Xu Yuquan discloses, the group is continueing to consider, will explain Qin mildew element popularizes the crop of land for growing field crops such as paddy from vegetable of melon and fruit, enlarge crop application limits and area, can create an older economy and social benefit.
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