Korea discovers the cellular film that concerns with cancer of the liver accepts
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Korea researcher discovers film of a kind of special cell accepts put oneself in another's position 25 days, migratory ability enhances it and partial liver cell reach its canceration to concern.

The media that occupy Han reported a few days ago, this kind of cell film that the name is TM4SF5 accepts put oneself in another's position is by head the combination that the orgnaization such as courtyard of science and technology of Er university, optical administrative division comprises studies the group discovers. There was a scientist early to discover film of this kind of cell suffers body and pancreatic cancer to concern couplet 1998, but they did not continue to study whether it can cause other cancer at that time.

Researcher points out, the Korea that masters in them is all in patient of cancer of the liver, the patient of about 77.8% has TM4SF5. Subsequently experiment and observation result show, too active TM4SF5 meeting block breaks the connection between liver ministry cell, bring about liver ministry epithelial to qualitative cell is changed, cause finally " the cell is multilayer grow " . Epithelial in to the meeting in the course that qualitative cell changes has mobile capacity gradually, its are migratory ability increases subsequently, and " the cell is multilayer grow " one of striking features that are canceration.

Researcher thinks, discover TM4SF5 and liver cancer are concerned, conduce to drive cancer to prevent research, restrain harmful relevant suffer body to become excessive and active.

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