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The old person suffers from flu intercurrent and pneumonic meeting is awful
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Business company sex of dispatch old age is pneumonic on September 10 it is disease of sex of a kind of in a extremely dangerous state, constant because of cure not as good as and cause death. Clinical proof, when old people suffers from flu erupt simultaneously easily pneumonic, cause pneumonic hind symptom much not apparent. So, old people once head cold, do not treat sth lightly.
Old people loses because of the constitution, immune force constant relatively drop, very easy head cold (include flu) . Be like seasonable cure to the cold often the question is not big, a few days namely can heal, but because the old person suffers from flu its symptom constant not typical, it is not quite easy to take seriously intercurrent and pneumonic and it is certain and dangerous to have. Especially the old person that 65 years old of above accompany disease of intentional lung respect again, intercurrent and pneumonic the mortality that bring about is taller.
Flu of old people precaution is intercurrent and pneumonic should take seriously early diagnose, early treatment. During flu is popular,
Should encounter old people temperature to exceed hyperaemia of 37.8 ℃ , cough, nose mucous membrane, the whole body accept of faint, stomach owes beautiful, although do not have pharynx ministry ache, but psychosis has change, should consider afterwards to send pneumonic likelihood, want to send a hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment as soon as possible. The doctor can be appeared through making a breast commonly or take sternum examination, albumen of reaction of C of computation of combinative assay leucocyte, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, serum and make phlegmy education wait, OK and final diagnose is bacterial sex pneumonic ill still noxiousness is pneumonic. Once diagnose is OK,have specific aim choose antibiotic or fight virus to medication.
The cold should lay stress on prevention already, the cold also underlines word of early " of a " with medicine, cold initial stage should use medical effect when virus amount is not rapid and proliferous best. General in occurrence flu symptom 24 ~ can begin 48 hours to take the disease-resistant poison such as ethylamine of amine of King Kong alkyl, King Kong and Zanamiwei. Also can take poisonous Chinese traditional medicine of a few disease-resistant to undertake preventing and cure, be like " dimension C Yin Qiao piece " , " disease-resistant poisonous medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water " in waiting officinal. Still can choose " soup of the rhizome of cyrtomium " (the rhizome of cyrtomium, purple perilla, jingjie, licorice) decoct Shang Fu, or with Chan Weiye chrysanthemum, dayflower decoct is taken effective also, take 3 ~ 5 days continuously, daily 1 agent. All conduce to the odds that makes flu intercurrent and pneumonic reducing so. (Pu Zhao and)
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