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Sichuan will hold precaution to be born flaw is large propaganda
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Business company dispatch reporter saved wholesome hall 10 days to understand from Sichuan on September 11, be born to popularize precaution blemish knowledge, raise social all circles and broad masses to be born to precaution the understanding of blemish importance, fu of government of people of province sanitation hall, the Chengdu City, province labour appoint do, family planning of population of the couplet that save remnant, province appoint, will this month 12 days hold Sichuan to save precaution to be born jointly flaw is large propaganda.
According to Sichuan province wholesome hall deputy office grows Introduction Zhao Xiaoguang, 2007, sichuan is born defect total occurence rate amounts to 123.4/ 10 thousand, be born every year blemish makes an appointment with 40 thousand person, brought heavy burden to society and family, precaution is born blemish, carry condition of quality of mouth of tower above stranger austere.
Zhao Xiaoguang says, sichuan is born in precaution the stress in blemish job is severe " 3 class prevent col " : It is the health care before examination of the medicine before catching good marriage, pregnant, like Chengdu, satisfy the city such as peaceful, Le Shan to execute free marriage check; 2 it is to catch good antenatal the sieve is checked and antenatal is diagnosed, complete province already finished antenatal to diagnose check service orgnaization to set a program with the sieve, built provincial antenatal to diagnose a center, work up is perfect antenatal diagnoses a network; 3 it is to scratch good new life disease sieve is checked and treat.
As we have learned, sichuan saved 130 counties completely 2007 (city, area) orgnaization of more than 1600 Medical Protection began a new life disease sieve investigates the work, the sieve examines a number 294 thousand person, the sieve is checked rate amount to 40% , reduced children intelligence apparently low disable with disease sex.

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