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Contraindication of pregnant woman food gives birth to beautiful darling 25 time
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Business company dispatch was pregnant on September 11 is the special period in life, food also should produce corresponding change. And see pregnant woman food abstain from 25, pregnant seeing actor has what item to need to notice!
One, unfavorable fast adipose food
A large number of medicine study the data confirms, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and palace neck cancer have familial and genetic tendency. If pregnant woman is long-term tall adipose and prandial, certainly will increases daughter meet with to have the risk of tumor of reproductive system cancer. Medical home points out, although adipose itself won't cause cancer, but eat fast adipose food for a long time more, can make big intestinal cholic acid and neuter cholesterol chroma increase, the save up of these material can cause colonic cancer.
In the meantime, fast adipose food can increase the synthesis of the hormone that urge breast, make produce breast cancer, adverse Mu Ying is healthy.
2, should not be tall egg from food
Medicine considers to think, protein in short supply, make pregnant woman physical strength easily feeble, fetal grow slow, postpartum restore health logy, lacteal plan is secreted exiguous. The need quantity of daily protein should amount to reason pregnant woman 9O-100 gram. But, food of pregnancy high protein, can affect the appetite of pregnant woman, increase the burden that gastric bowel, affect other nutrition material to absorb, make dietary nutrition overbalance. Consider to confirm, overmuch ground absorbs protein, the harmful material such as amine of many vulcanization hydrogen, organization can produce inside human body, cause easily abdominal distension, anorexia, giddy, tired wait for a phenomenon. In the meantime, protein absorbs excessive, can cause the azotic qualitative heighten in blood not only, and bring about cholesterol heighten easily also, the pressure that the kidney spherule of aggravating kidney filters. Somebody thinks, protein friendship crosses much measure of land to be put within human body connective tissue, can cause organization and implement the denaturation of palace, make person meet with contracts cancer more easily.
3, not easy food of high in syrup
The medical home of academy of Italian pizza country people discovery, the occurence rate that the pregnant woman of group of blood sugar on the high side gives birth to the possibility with an exorbitant and fetal weight, fetal congenital deformation, appear the opportunity of disease of gravid poison blood or the time that need Caesarean birth, be pregnant woman of group of blood sugar on the low side respectively 3 times, 7 times with 2 times. On the other hand, pregnant woman discharges what candy function can have different rate to reduce in gestation kidney, if blood sugar is exorbitant a meeting is aggravating the nephritic burden of pregnant woman, adverse pregnancy health care. A large number of medicine consider to make clear, absorb overmuch candy branch to weaken the immune power of human body, make force of disease-resistant of pregnant woman airframe is reduced, suffer bacteria, virus easily to affect, adverse and prepotent.
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