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Precaution is born blemish selects 3 blood new student comprehensive " install c
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Business company on September 11 dispatch September 12 is our country the 3rd " precaution is born blemish day " . On September 10, the reporter learns from place of health care of Shenyang city women and children, this city is begun in whole town since 1999 and extend a new life the sieve is checked, already had 100 thousand several new lives up to now accept a sieve to check, already more than 100 little patients avoid intellective and backward, other disability and disease fit to wait. Current, shenyang town new life the sieve is checked already pulled 3 class to prevent cautionary net, promoted Shen Cheng population quality greatly.
New student need " install check "
New student of place of health care of the women and children that occupy town the sieve investigates central director luxuriant introduction, our country has 800 thousand every year to come about 1.2 million new student be born, be born the main reason that blemish already made our country baby and children death gradually, become serious communal and wholesome problem.
She points out, current, new student disease sieve is checked already included " Mu Ying hygiene " , decide every new student with legal form the right that disease sieve is checked, but because development of level of economy, culture is lopsided, outside visitting town littoral except a few at present, our country overall new student sieve of genetic metabolization disease checks popularity rate still not tall, a lot of parents still do not have the value that realises the sieve is checked. Expert of place of health care of city women and children appeals, should reduce from fountainhead be born blemish, in the antenatal that develops fetal congenital defect the sieve is checked and diagnose at the same time, begin a new life disease sieve is checked, it is to reduce be born another of blemish " install check " .
Sufficient with collect 3Drop blood
Shenyang develops congenital thyroid function from 1999 low since the sieve of two diseases checks disease of disease, benzene acetone make water, built a more complete sieve to check a network. Come nearly 10 years, nearly 100 children carry a new life disease sieve is checked, be diagnosed to be congenital thyroid function respectively low disease (more than 60) , disease of benzene acetone make water (more than 30) got inchoate diagnose and treat, avoided intellective obstacle or the rate that lower intellective barrier thereby.
At present, shenyang town new life the sieve checks disease to plant also increase to by 2 original 4 current. Begin a new life the method that sieve of genetic metabolization disease investigates is very simple, by receive the medical service that produces a hospital to protect personnel to be in darling is sufficient take 3 blood with the ministry, drop in wait for calm filter paper to go up, send special new student next disease sieve checks an orgnaization to undertake detecting. If the sieve checks a result unusual, the sieve checks an orgnaization to be able to inform the parent of farther diagnose and cure, the little patient that makes have these diseases thereby gets inchoate diagnose and treat.
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