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How inchoate discovery infant kidney stone and precautionary measures
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Gansu Province reported ten babies suffer from at the same time centrally recently " kidney stone " after disease, the height that causes everybody takes seriously. Actually half an year comes the whole nation has had short for Shaanxi Province, pleasant, peaceful, comfort in succession, rash, Hunan, another name for Hubei province, revive, and other places of Anhui, another name for Jiangxi Province has similar case to happen. Because come on,disperse, whether do these diseases have common cause, unknown. Nanjing grandson encourages a professor discovery on the west, the stone of of 10 much exemple baby that close half an year will come to happen in Nanjing children hospital basically is by acid of 2 water make water and uric acid ammonium mixes those who form. After the test that passes dissolve stone, discover with 2 water make water acid is given priority to. By acid of 2 water make water and uric acid ammonium mixes this kind of formation stone this kind, cannot see at all on common X piece, exceed in B only and just can see on CT. If these patients have common hair pathogeny element, x film cannot discover, perhaps still can more case of illness appear.
One, What is the main reason of kidney stone?
The formation of kidney stone, main reason is food. Have the following reason
1, oxalic acid stockpile is overmuch, this is the main reason of adult kidney stone. Oxalic acid is main in the vegetable such as consist in spinach, legume, grape, cocoa, tea, orange, tomato, potato, plum, bamboo shoot.
2, purine metabolization is wrong. Horn of pluck, marine food, earthnut, beans, spinach contain more purine part. Purine enters system inside hind, want to undertake metabolism, the final result that it metabolizes is uric acid. Uric acid can make precipitation of the oxalate in make water.
Because infantile food is more onefold, the reason of above is not the main reason of infantile kidney stone for certain.
3, adipose, lactose is absorbed also can be stone to form creation condition too much.
4, protein excessive. The origin of oxalic acid calcium basically is protein, it in remove the raw material that contains oxalic acid -- besides proline of pleasant ammonia acid, hydroxide, protein still can promote the absorption of alvine line function to calcium.
5, as a result of Nanjing children hospitalthe stone of much exemple baby of 10 basically is mix by acid of 2 water make water uric acerbity ammonium, the raw material of uric acerbity ammonium is very few in food, not except food, especially the pollution of milk powder.
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