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Child teething is late do not excessive filling calcium
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Business company dispatch life is medium on September 12, some parents see his child teething is late, think the likelihood is to be short of calcium one-sidedly, increase blindly to the child take cod-liver oil and calcic dose. Actually, this kind of practice often has caustic children health.
The phenomenon of child long tooth is called on medicine dental bud goes out. Bud of dental physiology sex gives the time with have proper, also have certain order, control didymous bud to go out namely. The bud of deciduous teeth goes out to press following order mostly, namely mandible two front tooth, the upper jaw two front tooth, subsequently ordinal it is side cuts a tooth (front tooth of two side cut a tooth) , lacteal grind one's teeth (molar) , lacteal fang (canine) , grow indulge in idle talk of the 2nd breast finally (premolar) , all teeth can be in basically the child two years old half before piece neat.
Dental bud goes out with development concern sooner or later, the child long tooth with early development is early also, the long tooth of development evening is late. Healthy baby is average begin to grow the first deciduous teeth when 6 months after be born are controlled, some can arrive early 4 months, also some babies should be late the ability when 10 months is long, certain it is normal that 1 year old controls what just give the first deciduous teeth to also calculate, because this may be,cause as a result of genetic element.
The speed of child teething not only concern with heredity, still concern with nutrition. Because of dental growth need a variety of vitamins are mixed mineral, if the mother of pregnancy lacks afore-mentioned nutrition, can affect fetal tooth embryo growth, cause dental growth undesirable. After be born if do not have D of seasonable compensatory vitamin and calcic agent, bask rarely again, can cause dental bud to give logy, growth undesirable. Child teething morning and evening and skeleton grow speed is concerned, this is the difference that a kind of inchoate skeleton grows, it is the difference that goes up hereditarily reflect in what the infant goes up personally, to the child the skeleton henceforth grows to do not have apparent dependency with height, it is to won't affect skeletal henceforth growth generally speaking of development. The child's length is tall basically be to rely on long bone (limb bone) grow, as the growth of the age, the rate that limb long bone increases far relatively the growth such as trunk is rapid.
Accordingly, child teething late may not is short of calcium to cause, if fill blindly calcic, may cause the body dropsy, much sweat, anorexia, disgusting, constipation, symptom such as indigestion, serious cause disease of high calcic make water easily still, at the same time excessive of children filling calcium limits cerebrum growth possibly still, affect grow development. Hematic calcic chroma is exorbitant, if calcium is deposit vision will be affected in canthus film periphery, deposit affects heart function in heart valve admiral, deposit accentuates in hemal wall admiral hemal sclerosis. The expert points out, although the ability when 1 year old gives the child short of of the first tooth other illness, the attention adds mud in time mushy food, bask more, can make sure the tooth will come out according to subaltern henceforth. But if the child teething of 1 year old of half ability, be about to notice to search an account, if whether be rachitic, whether to accompany have other and unusual case, should have examination, treatment to the hospital, whether to need filling calcium to treat, this should see the child whether be short of calcium, filling calcium also must follow the doctor's advice, must not abuse the medicaments such as cod-liver oil, calcic agent to fill blindly calcic. Of course, be short of calcium to prevent the child, can eat some of rich calcic food more appropriately, or give a few calcic health care to taste take, but never abuse. (Song Lihua)
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