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Food of what vitamin children does not need to fill every day
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Business company the development that dispatch learned as medical division on September 12, the vitamin that we know has formed familial. In this everybody a group of things with common features, vitamin of fat dissolve sex is important gens. Vitamin of fat dissolve sex includes K4 of E of D of vitamin A, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin to plant. The lack of this kind of vitamin and toxic metropolis are right of children grow development produces undesirable effect.
The major attribute of vitamin of fat dissolve sex is: Can dissolve at the adipose dissolvent that reach fat, not dissolve at water. Vitamin of rich fat dissolve sex is contained in food, and with fat kind concomitant, deliquescent at ability of adipose vitamin of fat dissolve sex by be absorbed inside body and excrete. The vitamin of fat dissolve sex that absorbs from inside food is absorbed in alvine path, enter through lymphatic system its physiology function is developed thereby inside body. Exceed the need inside body when intake of vitamin of fat dissolve sex, the part of excessive is OK store in liver and adipose organization, because vitamin of sex of this fat dissolve does not need to complement every day, as long as often the food that edible contains vitamin of fat dissolve sex, can avoid vitamins of all sorts of fat dissolve sex to lack disease. Clinical the circumstance that goes up to see vitamin of fat dissolve sex is lacked rarely, vitamin of Dan Zhirong sex is toxic sexual disease suffers from happen from time to tome however, vitamin of fat dissolve sex is toxic, much with large dose complements and exceed body bear for long to concern. Additional, because vitamin of redundant fat dissolve sex cannot be excreted from inside uric fluid, so, the nutrient state to vitamin of fat dissolve sex cannot undertake assessment with uric fluid.
In vitamin of fat dissolve sex familial in, different vitamin is on the structure, bigger difference is had on the function. Vitamin A (inspect Huang Chun) reach its ramification to inspect yellow acid, can affect the differentiation process with constituent epithelial organ, those who keep epithelial tissue is perfect, it is normal to inspect yellow acid to still have stimulative embryo development and become divided and the action that fight cancer. When vitamin A is being lacked inside body, children can appear resistance of unusual, respiratory tract reduces visual growth, grow halt, skeleton grows undesirable wait with development suffocate suffocate. Animal experiment discovers, female bandicoot decreases for lack of vitamin A occurrence oviposit, influence reproduction. Vitamin D, can promote small intestine to be opposite the absorption of the calcium in food and phosphor, keep the normal content of the calcium in blood and phosphor, promote calcify of skeletal, tooth. Vitamin D lack can cause framework metabolization is unusual, affect children skeleton growth badly. Vitamin E, very sensitive to oxygen, it is a kind of strong antioxidant, can lower the oxidation rate that organizes a cell, can prevent not saturated fatty acid to be crossed oxide oxidizes, vitamin E in bowel or liver can reduce a vitamin to oxidize and be destroyed of A. Vitamin E and reproductive function are concerned, when lack easy cause an embryo atrophy of seminiferous duct of natural abortion, male, spermatozoon is reached to degrade inside dead palace devitalization. However, the mankind is pure the disease that lack vitamin E and causes still is belonged to infrequent. Vitamin K, make fight cruor vitamin again, it basically has cruor effect. When K of human body vitamin is lacked, can counting cruor mechanism happens inside week disorder, cause the skin and splanchnic haemorrhage.
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