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Unripe healthy darling from begin to prepare before pregnant
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Business company on September 13 dispatch before people often oversight before pregnant seek advice and check, antenatal sifts fish problem, just must induced labor. The expert reminds, begin from a cell to let the child's health, "Accurate parents " people the preparation that should make the many sided such as good health care, examination before be pregnant.
Shandong saves Zhong Wei of matron of a hospital for gynaecology and obstetrics to be in clinical in discovery, current not little pregnant woman is a plan outside gravid, did not mix before be pregnant pregnant is inchoate take precaution and ego safeguard, also did not make be checked before pregnant, bring about fetal the rate that send abnormal rises somewhat.
Zhong Wei thinks, put an end to or reduce the birth of congenital disease little patient, it is very important to change harmful surroundings. She says, because be born,blemish and the consequence that deformity causes are not reversible, precaution is become answer be born the key of blemish problem, yo age woman should be eliminated actively with pregnancy before pregnant and avoid to contact all sorts of critical factors, for fetal growth development provides environment of favorable ministry of inside and outside.
For example, pregnant woman should avoid to contact as far as possible in before pregnancy 3 months poisonous, have radiation material, before preparing to be pregnant 3 months and be pregnant 3 months can take initial stage the compound vitamin preparation that contains folic acid, in order to avoid the happening of the blemish such as deformation of divine be in charge of.
In addition, "Accurate parents " people even pussyfoot of ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade, maintain good habits and customs. Antenatal of courtyard of health care of Jinan city women and children diagnoses central director Cai Yan to introduce, the chronic alcoholism that parents causes after excessive drinking, can make the vigor of spermatozoon or ovum abate, or development is unusual, affect oosperm and embryonic growth thereby, make function of system of fetal occurrence central nervous breaks ministry of tone knead dough to the much hair such as abnormal feature misshapes, still can bring about fetal heart blemish, brothers deformation and intelligence are low etc.
Smoking also is " accurate parents " people big fear. The harmful material such as the tar that contains in cigarette, nicotine can bring about egg cell to lack energy, die finally, also can affect male spermatozoon quality.
In addition, the expert still reminds, the male before pregnant does not wash sauna or the hot water bath that cross frequency, too long hot water bath can cause spermatozoon amount little, vivid rate is low; Not overmuch ground rides a bicycle, autocycle, this meeting makes prostate is mixed other add sexual gland chronic strain and hyperaemia, influence fertility.
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