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Composition of infantile milk powder analyses: Recipe milk powder matchs what (g
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Business company everybody knew question on September 16, mother milk is the food with best baby. But because all sorts of reasons cannot have mother milk raise,also have some of mother, be about to consider to choose recipe milk powder at this moment (infantile milk powder) . What does the composition of so high grade baby milk powder have after all? How to choose suitable milk powder for darling? We and you are analysed jointly.
How does expert guidance choose milk powder
Vitamin content is not had jumped over higher
A lot of parents think, content of composition of nutrition of infant milk powder has been jumped over higher, this is wrong. A few parents stem from the purpose that makes the child much absorb a vitamin now, always choose the milk powder with vitamin high content, it is unscientific actually.
Certain nurture is qualitative (wait like vitamin A, D, E, iron, zinc) long-term excessive exceeds mark edible to be able to produce noxiousness, for instance the baby absorbs milk powder of superhigh of vitamin A content for a long time, can cause disease of a few skins, appear even have a headache, the harmful response such as swimmy, disgusting, vomiting, affect the infant's health. The content that the country also pledges to all sorts of nurture in infantile recipe milk powder had strict regulation.
Two years old of the following children suit recipe grandma
● Yan Xia, health care of women and childrenCourtyard nurse
Milk powder can be divided roughly it is two kinds, one kind is suckle by Xian Niu dry and the whole milk powder that come, another kind is to change the milk nutrition composition, recipe milk powder that draws close to mother milk composition.
Two years old of the following children are unsuited the milk that drink delicacy, so unsuited also feed whole milk powder. Recipe grandma is according to the age paragraph make up, cent is 0-6 month, 6-12 month, 1-3 year old etc, the age paragraph different, composition also each are not identical, the parent should choose according to the age of own child.
Additional, judging milk powder stand or fall by the price of the product is unworkable, the price majority of milk powder of our country entrance wants than other country tall. Raise part from the battalion that milk powder place contains, heat up for instance card, protein, adipose, carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral the quality that this milk powder knows on the content that waits for parameter, ability enough judges the stand or fall of the product.
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