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Foster 5 secrets of happy darling
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These experience below dispatch suited business company on September 10 those darling are in the mom of 12 months less than, see it, probably you can discover the darling that how can just foster a joy!
When I am pregnant, I read a lot of books, live to child postnatal or be anxious a little, because be in before had seen a lot of disposition stranger, cry do more than child, make their parents does not have method to rest, also handle this kind of case without method.
As expected, after my daughter Le Le is born, my afraid circumstance happened, she always keeps crying be troubled by, disposition is more and more barpque also, I think this affirmation has what problem.
Then I looked for relevant Yo the expert undertook advisory, the expert says the temperament of " child is very important, parents should become upset in the child before, can realize the real need of darling, can make the child unapt cry perpetual or without reason gets angry.
To even if the child with worse disposition, also should develop the relationship of you and child slowly, have safe feeling in order to make the child feels slowly. "After a few months were being carried out according to the expert's proposal in me, when my home Le Le is growing 5 months, she basically can sleep whole in the evening, also get angry in disorder no longer. Below I tell those darling the mother in 12 months less than with respect to the experience me, how can just foster a happy darling.
Keep one's hair on
Research makes clear, when becoming disappointed to the behavior of their darling when parents, the baby can feel strain and make response. Next, this meeting becomes a vicious circle, darling becomes more nervous, parents is more disappointed, make thereby this loop aggravate, the disposition of darling will be worse and worse, parental patience also is met worse and worse.
To darling cry be troubled by, parents must keep one's hair on, be not done so that lose intelligence quotient by the child's cry, such likelihoods more make you do not know what darling needs. Remember last year, in Le Le 7 months when, I am anxious in the morning go out go to work, she always is this time will make trouble however, toot sound is given out to holding her in the arms to just stop till me in the mouth, till later I just find settlement method. That is one day I put her into infantile chair, give her club of a grind one's teeth, biting club of grind one's teeth to make her very happy, this is planted now the method basically is the necessary process that before I go to work in the morning, parts with her. Later, I sum up a likelihood is Le Le this phase begins to grow a tooth, gum is afflictive, but do not have idea expression again, be troubled by through crying so will cause adult attention. Find reason suit the remedy to the case, solve it is easier to rise.
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