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Foster 5 secrets of happy darling
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For the parent that does a mother to first time, the process of feed darling also is the process that a study accumulates, from at the beginning lose one's head the rise to the occasion to later, went up to also experience panic to arrive in the heart keep one's countenance, but keep one's hair on is to make correct judgement place must. Yo the expert says, "I always tell father and mother, if some kind of specific situation of your child makes you joyless or particularly feel bad, so you change it. Before this, the trouble that parents also should avoid some kind of specific situation to make the living " . For instance, some darling must the parent is holding ability in the arms fall asleep, want to be put to the bed to be able to wake only, this is very weighty, and the addition as child weight, this is work of one individual strength undoubtedly. Still have even if, the child sleeps on the bed of adult, do not sleep on oneself small bed, to avoid to make a trouble later, still want from the baby period the happening that prevents this kind of situation.
Emersion matrix environment
Why are a few babies excessive and captious? Because they left environment of their familiar the mother's body,this may be, there is safe feeling after coming to new world, it is they lived then after all the home of 10 months. Miss the baby of the mother's body to these, the environment of a few matrix comes to the methodological imitate that can be through the person make them quiet. Yo the placatory technique that the expert recommends a few traditions, use darling soft and comfortable rug to wrap, make he feels warm, hold him in the arms rise of body of mother of press close to left, can put the audio dish of some of amniotic fluid or tape conditionally, shake gently gradually, can give darling nipple of a conciliation at the same time, let him feel the environment of the mother's body adequately to the movement from sound, darling of this kind of means can hear the voice of the palpitant sound of the mom before be born and amniotic fluid, can find mom's slight movement, the environment is warm and safe, darling is automatical meet quiet to come down.
Infantile need is quiet the view that is a mistake, consider to make clear, darling is in uterus when, those who hear is a persistent sound, the voice of cleaner of acoustical signal to noise ratio with mom jumpy heart is even big, this is why the last voice that the baby uses the law is hypnotic more interactive than be not the reason that still is close friends with mixed and disorderly sound effect. Baby more the rule lasts voice that is used to similar heartbeat, but real world has too much and mixed and disorderly sound interference however, the infantile hard to avoid that leaves environment of the mother's body some " natural environment refuses to obey " .
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