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Foster 5 secrets of happy darling
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Maintain body contact
The contact on the body can make mom and darling establish very powerful connection. Premature is opposite normally touch is subtler, and no matter be the darling that premature or mature are born,in mom's arm the metropolis in the turn feels contented, decrease thereby cry the number that make.
People often has a wrong knowledge, think darling besides eat and draw the demand with basic other it doesn't matter. But after my daughter is born, when I am holding her in the arms, can feel her to depend on and be satisfied to mine apparently, leave when me when coming back, can feel her when seeing me excited. Want to strengthen the body contact with darling so, in order to satisfy her need.
Although say to want to strengthen the contact with darling, not be to say mom needs to holding him in the arms all the day. In fact, can achieve similar result through a few other methods. For instance, when changing diaper to darling, if darling likes, can the hand of massage darling of take a moment, foot and body, perhaps can bathe together with darling.
Grasp the opportunity that teachs darling speech
When mom and darling close quarters are adjacent, darling can watch mom's movement and action in close quarters, what want contented baby right now is curious be about to be very important. General authority can think, darling is in very small when cannot say, cannot go, to darling conversation he also understands the likelihood not, but the process that this is a training, training darling watchs the process of ability, attention and comprehension. Mom can be in such doing in daily feed process: Look at the eye of darling, say to concern the business that two people are doing you and baby to darling, make the game of hide and seek together. Since my daughter after be born, I become very talktive, I can tell her I am wearing what dress to her, where should we go to, we see on the road what is spent, I feel she does not feel I chatter, and very enjoy this kind of status. Become when her when some be agitated, what what I do is right she says what to nod, she is met immediately quiet to come down.
Of course, all darling need breathing space, notice when you darling is in with your amuse oneself a little while hind, roll the head to perhaps twist at the same time when using the body, the likelihood shows darling is tired, need rested. Through observing the suggestion of darling, the tensity in can helping darling study dominate the life holds joy.
Plan plan

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