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Follow principle of complement of mom pregnancy nourishment
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Business company dispatch medicine filled on September 10 be inferior to feeding fill, again good nourishment also is inferior to natural food, cannot because of had nourishment and ignore the nutrition that absorbs pregnancy place to need from inside food. Nourishment complement is compensatory inadequacy only.
Proposal of World Health Organization: 9 grams add everyday after pregnant metaphase high grade albumen (300 milliliter milk or 2 eggs or lean lean 50 grams) .
If be given priority to with plant sex food, should increase protein everyday 15 grams (dry soya bean 200 grams or bean curd do 40 grams or bean curd 75 grams, or staple food 200 grams) .
Our country nutrition learns to recommend: Pregnant metaphase begins to increase protein everyday 15 grams, terminal add 25 grams. The 2/3 that animal sex protein takes total albumen quality had better.
Whether to need pink of additional and compensatory albumen?
Weight 55 kilogram, be engaged in the pregnant woman of imponderability physical labor, pregnant metaphase should absorb protein everyday 80 grams, the person that be engaged in light physical labor should absorb 85 grams; Pregnant is terminal, the pregnant woman that is engaged in imponderability physical labor should absorb protein 90 grams, the person that be engaged in light physical labor should absorb 95 grams.
500 milliliter grandma offers 15 grams protein, an egg offers 4.5 grams protein, 200 grams lean lean offers 40 grams protein, 200 grams bean curd offers 15 grams protein, 200 grams staple food offers 15 grams protein, add up about 90 grams are protein.
Visible, can get enough protein from inside food. Be pregnant earlier likelihood has gravid reaction, appetite owes beautiful, but all sorts of nutriment need measure pregnant initial stage and before pregnant about the same.
Elemental calcium
Our country nutrition learns to recommend: Pregnant woman everyday calcic supply quantity is 1500 milligram. Pregnant is inchoate everyday intake should be in 800 milligram above. Pregnant 4-5 when the month, fetal skeleton and tooth already began calcification namely; The calcify when 8 months quickens pregnant; Arrive when mature, base of 20 deciduous teeth already was formed entirely.
Below normal food situation, can get calcium of 800 milligram element everyday, if drink 500 milliliter milk more everyday, can get calcium of element of 500 much milligram.
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