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Research says material of fetal contact chemistry is easy fat
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Business company a newest research showed dispatch Spain as a result on September 8, the contact is chemical during the mother is pregnant material is more, after the child is born, jump over easy and fat.
Measure content
Spanish researcher picks 403 children that Meinuoka is born on the island, in measuring their umbilical cord a kind the name is " 6 chloric benzene " insecticide content, decide they are in from this the bring into contact with before be born how much 6 chloric benzene.
Researcher discovery, the children with higher content of the 6 chloric benzene in umbilical cord grows half, double fat scale is other children.
Research is published in newest first phase as a result " pedology journal " . This is first research that about the chemistry inside the uterus pollution and fat phenomenon concern. England " independent newspaper " 7 days of comments, this shows fat problem to wait for individual habit to concern with food and motion not only, with the environment pollution also is put in definite correlation. This one research may affect future as a result of public policy make.
6 chloric benzene were used at wheat of prevention and cure in the past kind smut, seed and edaphic disinfection, already the whole world is banned with. But researcher thinks this kind of material is short-term inside decompose in soil hard.
The contact is much
The meaning of this research does not depend on a proof fat as chemical as some kind material is concerned, and depend on explaining fat likelihood exists with a variety of chemical material associated. Research reports the author appeals, the contact of the mankind and the insecticide such as 6 chloric benzene should be decreased the smallest.
The experiment proves, to be pregnant the animal is fed feed a few chemical material, can make their offspring fat. These chemical material include bilge anti-fouling the common organic stannum inside lacquer and piscine body, use at making the double phenolic A of infantile feeding bottle and potted box, the adjacent benzene that contains in cosmetic, shampoo and bagging of plastic provision package salt of 2 formic acid.
These chemical material are relatively common in every day object, as a result almost everybody is contained inside body. Relevant data shows, 95% American contain double phenolic A in uric night, 90% fetal inside maternal uterus benzene of adjacent of bring into contact with salt of 2 formic acid. Spanish researcher all contains 6 chloric benzene or similar pesticide in each umbilical cord of experimental analysis.
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