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Congee is good, dan Baobao is drunk for a long time bring about grow development
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Business company on September 10 dispatch spring, everythings on earth anabiosises, exuberant, also be an infant the season with the rapiddest growth grows in year. So, children need compensatory nutrition and quantity of heat very much, congee is best nutrient material.
The effect of congee
Congee is the water infusion that waits for commissariat of rich amyloid corn to increase an amount with rice, millet, barley, wheat and corn and into.
Generally speaking, matching a bowl of hot congee in the morning is the way to keep in good health, it rises " wake up " the action of intestines and stomach, be helpful for nurture be being absorbed adequately character, the water that metabolism of compensatory night human body loses is divided. In addition, congee still has recuperation intestines and stomach, appetitive action.
The congee that boil is undeserved destroy nutrition
How to boil get one boiler good congee? Should choose above all to rice, had better be to use oil to stick rice or northeast rice, salt is cheered to had bloated after pan is good, the time that bloat cannot little at half hour, rice falls after the water when the congee that boil leaves, conflagration boils boil 20 ~ convert again after 30 minutes small fire is boiled slowly, can boil the good congee that gets one boiler soft so. Somebody likes to be added in rice alkaline, add alkaline congee to be boiled so that rot quickly again again, but this is paltrily on dietetics, alkaline meeting destroys meter of medium B a group of things with common features vitamin, because this boils congee,can not put alkaline. Still have even if all sorts of meat are added in past congee directly kind, also can increase the nutrient value of congee. What the congee of children boils a law to follow adult is identical, without special place, but the author does not hold baby of feed of the congee that boil, because nutrition cannot be satisfied,infantile place needs.
The baby is unfavorable and long-term drink congee
Some parents in darling 4 months add solid food greatly when, can feed darling congee, it is possible so, but I do not advocate a congee to feed darling as main solid food, because the volume of congee is large, nutrient density (the quantity of the nutriment that can offer inside unit volume) low, as main solid food with congee inevitable meeting causes all sorts of nutrient material supply deficiency, cause darling to grow growth rate falls.

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