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Congee is good, dan Baobao is drunk for a long time bring about grow development
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Result of a lot of research makes clear, the baby of Chinese baby and foreign country grows in phase of mother milk feed the level of development comparatives, but add complementary after feeding, chinese baby grows the speed of development is decelerated somewhat than foreign baby, serve as with congee among them main complementary feeding is very main reason. Some child bodies bowel of emaciated, stomach is bad, right now applied congee recuperates intestines and stomach, but I do not advocate feed congee for a long time, because the nutrient density of congee is low, feed congee for a long time to be able to be caused hidebound, this kind of child should turn to be fed for general gradually after gastric bowel function restores. But the author thinks, the baby feeds congee opposite for a long time long development is adverse, reason does not advocate a baby to drink congee.
"Eight treasures congee " suit adult more
Must carry here " eight treasures congee " , "Eight treasures congee " it is actually " rice porridge with nuts and dried fruit eaten on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month " , eight treasures congee is with straightening rice and polished glutinous rice are given priority to commonly makings add capable person of legume, dried fruit, Chinese traditional medicine again and boil, the original intention of eight treasures congee is the congee that 8 kinds of different raw material boil, but at this late hour, a lot of " eight treasures congee " raw material is absolutely liberal at 8 kinds. "Eight treasures congee " in, legume contains a lot oflysine, made up for the lysine that is short of in corn, all sorts of nut contain a lot ofa variety of the fatty acid with indispensible human body, vitamins and microelement, and material also has Chinese traditional medicine be good at the action of lienal, nourishing, powerful body, close and can produce complementary effect adequately for congee, raise protein utilization rate. Congee is digested easily to absorb, pappy, can serve as a patient from shed general to feed the transition between completely, also can use as of difference of gastric bowel function or bowel of stomach of cankerous patient recuperation with. But cannot feed eight treasures congee for a long time to children.

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