Vietnam breaks out look forward to of medicine of economic crisis China has Jing
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Vietnam is health care of our country medicine is tasted all the time in the Asia one of bigger exit countries. The Guangxi that jumps over border land in be located in esteems distribution centre of trade of edge of material of left Chinese traditional medicine, travelling merchant is jumped over in collecting several a hunderd schools.

Be in before a few years of 21 centuries, the economy of Vietnam of Chinese neighbouring country year average growth level exceeded 7% .

But enter since 2008, after high speed grows, the financial crisis of Vietnam erupts what in its economy experienced 10 years eventually, inflationary tall look forward to, the stock market dies dish, jump over aegis fatigued and weak, capital flight, each industry also suffers Vietnam accordingly heavy defeat.

Those who be worth to rejoice is, although in recent years already many Chinese medicine look forward to notice the latent capacity of Vietnam medicine market, and the market of means sortie place with export trade or direct investment, but the situation that understood recently from the reporter looks, the impact of this banking crisis to Chinese medicine look forward to is not big. Although condition of current Vietnam economy is daedal, but the idea that Chinese medicine look forward to did not abandon Vietnam market.

   Settle accounts means decides a risk

On June 25, our newspaper reporter contacts a few products of domestic to export the pharmacy business of Vietnam above all, discover the company is right the instant and fluctuant special attention of Vietnam market.

A personage represents department of foreign trade of industry of invincible might drug, the influence that Vietnam banking crisis exports to the enterprise is returned at present not apparent. Combine the material that media publishs to be judged by constant manage nevertheless, foreign exchange reserve of uptodate Vietnam government is insufficient, and general international trade needs to use dollar close an account, if local importer cannot buy foreign exchange smoothly, the settle accounts that affects the likelihood imports and exports directly is periodic.

The report says, international Monetary Fund estimates, vietnam has 19.93 billion dollar only to the total government reserve by last year, these reserve can support exit forehead to pay 3 months the left and right sides only likely.

"This kind of state means a risk to exporting a company. " Yu Zelin of chief inspector of Kunming pharmacy international trade thinks, once answer paragraph cycle to spin, cannot get a money of the other side in time, the enterprise is probable because of the exchange rate that place changes often incur loss.

As we have learned, in recent years the RMB is accelerated appreciate, a lot of export companies of domestic used the settle accounts means of such as cash or L/C at sight, with avoid exchange loss, but Vietnam aegis devalues quickly to the dollar, make exchange risk magnifies further.
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