Bullion is cleaned out in honeysuckle
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The rural youth of two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two, if cross the crucian carp of the river to flock,go into town, hope the place that finds oneself in the city makes a career one time. And long the urban youth that occupies downtown area, the field mountains and rivers-land of yearning however picturesque scenery, the dream harvests good gains on fecund land. City and country, is it possible that exist in that way like marriage " encircle a city " phenomenon: The person outside wants to rush, does the person inside think out to squeeze?

' encircle a city ' the idea that is psychological level only, ' scientific progress ' think, just be me those who give the mountain on the city is true because of,move. " the Xia Xiaojuan that grows at the city zone of city of another name for Jiangxi Province's unexpected to the answer of this problem profundity. Be this distinctive opinion, attracting a reporter to walk into her step by step that " the pan in honeysuckle is silver-colored " peak hill poineering story...

Years is brewed with respect to zoology dream

Xia Xiaojuan is Xia Jia " 4 gold are spent " a the smallest, hit small a beloved daughter that is parents. After art of courtyard of the division austral another name for Jiangxi Province fastens graduation, her obtain employment Yunuojiya agency of state of company another name for Jiangxi Province, working doing gets full of sound and color, work of Xiamen Motolora agency turns again after, yearly salary amounts to many yuan 10. Of a such envy making a person " essence of bones of the dead " , abandon how suddenly go brilliant career, should the hill on none hesitant ground have a farmer? The reason has only, it is the zoology dream that rises ceaselessly in her heart.

Xia Xiaojuan's father is city of state of another name for Jiangxi Province the mine product of a little famous energy of life machines industry employer, accordingly she is hit small see be used to in the soil erosion of mining area and smelt " 3 useless " pollution. As the growth of years, xia Xiaojuan is right of green disappear, environmental aggravation arose to be detested instinctively with fear. In the depth of the heart, she is more and more yearning of charactizing a fine spring day pastoral. When her Wu labour was accumulated " the first pail of gold " , should father asks to come home when doing poineering work, the first her thought establishs namely zoology grange. As a result of its father also has deep knowledge to environmental pollution, father daughter two because of this chime in easily, maintain only initiate is planted, raise, the zoology industry that adds photograph couple, ability makes the career is on the way that can develop continuously. Below mountain of Yan of village of peak of glow of town of sanded stone of two make choice of 500 mus of country regard father daughter as zoology poineering base.

Search in the dream " she " a thousand times
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