Calm on the west congress of industry of lumber of first Chinese traditional med
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Vice Prime Minister of committee member of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council answers fine jade,

The leader on the city such as Yang Zixing, Xu Erfeng, Qin Sumei is in Gansu checks directive work on the west.

Gansu on the west the history is long, it is since ancient times " the country of 4 a place of strategic importance " , it is famous city of culture of the history on Gansu. Since county of buy of the Qin Dynasty, control seat for past dynasties county, city, government office all the time, become the center of Gansu Province politics, economy, military affairs, culture for a time. Gansu is family name of the world plum on the west " county looks " , be accumulated in leisurely history endless flow and Li culture already became the Gansu of shaly be pregnant with on the west with Dunhuang culture, day Shui Fuxi culture, pull Bo Lengsi Cang Chuanfo teachs the Gansu Province with eponymous culture one of 4 old culture.

The county is located in Gansu on the west calm on the west city upper reaches of river of mid, short for Weihe River, gross area 2408 square kilometer. Administer 9 towns 8 countryside, total population 49.7 6 10 thousand. The altitude inside the county uprights at 1612, 2778 meters, year all air temperature 7.6 ℃ , rainfall 445 Mm, soil is given priority to with yellow continous earth, illumination is enough, climate is friendly, free from contamination of soil, air, water quality, distinctive natural condition breed gives special local product of numerous name actor, products of You Yizhong medicinal material, potato and its starch, traditional meat is most celebrated.

Gansu makes aperient triumph on the west, area the advantage is clear. 316 nations line and 209 provinces path wear a length in churchyard 139 kilometers, be well versed in 9 villages and towns; Thing of vertical follow in a continuous line of Gansu sea railroad, wear a length 75 kilometers, monarch have 8 railroad industrial siding; The day that building decides a freeway is the harbor that connect the cloud to suddenly Er fruit this road is main component, 5 stations are set in churchyard general; 316 nations line and Gansu sea railroad are handed in it is important in Gansu to collect " drought dock " Wen Feng is pressed down, traffic network radiate is decided on the west, city of the and other places austral water of Lanzhou, day, Gansu, it is Gansu Province mid with the distribution centre of goods and materials with southern main area, the medicinal material in many northwest real estate from here country and the area such as each district of whole nation of transportation and sale and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia.

Material of Gansu Western medicine is resourceful, crop the history long. Here teems with material of 304 kinds of Chinese traditional medicine, element has " chiliad medicine countryside " and " western medicine " good name, it is the whole nation " pure medicinal material " important produce one of divisions. Material basically has the Chinese traditional medicine that cultivates artificially dangshen, angelica, the root of remembranous milk vetch, Gong Qi, the root of Chinese thorowax, board La Gen, 37, Chinese rhubarb, the root of balloonflower, material of feral Chinese traditional medicine basically has flower of wheat straw of the root of Chinese thorowax, licorice, Qin Jiao, the root bark of Chinese wolfberry, teasel root, the root bark of the tree peony, the bulb of fritillary, winter, winter to wait. The old drug of period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties learns scene of domestic contented great to be in " focus of classics of a book on Chinese medicine " in have " the root of remembranous milk vetch the first Gansu on the west, lubricious Huang Bai, smell is sweet, today also god-given " , " give birth to Gansu alive alone on the west person qualitative beautiful " , " Xi Chuangu of angelica unripe Gansu, 4 in relief black water, common says horsetail returns " wait for account. Chinese morning evening, shi Fengheng of as eponymous as Hua Tuo Gansu Western medicine, recuperate preserve one's health for Cao Cao with Chinese herbal medicine, so deep that its bestow favor on. Fill Tang Shi period, sai Miao of medical offspring of the nobility ever undertook medical issue make an on-the-spot investigation to Gansu Xi Changgu, stayed " medical king hill " , " medical emperor village " fabulous. Of the pure medicinal material such as the root of remembranous milk vetch, dangshen collect, cultivate already had 1500 old histories. 2002, in gouge of Gansu Xi Shouyang king of the root of remembranous milk vetch of 8 individual plant, the longest one individual plant is 2.45 meters long, thick 8.5 centimeters, the tunnel that proves Gansu is the medicinal material such as dangshen, the root of remembranous milk vetch on the west adequately is produced area and optimal grow environment. 1986, gansu city of article peak medicine is judged to be one of markets of 10 old crude drug on the west. 2001, this county is recommended by the countryside that national farming learns special local product and propagandist committee names for " the countryside of Chinese the root of remembranous milk vetch " . 2003, "Gansu on the west white a dangshen " , " Gansu on the west the root of remembranous milk vetch " the mark of country of origin that gained total bureau of national qualitative prison registers attestation, get national geography indicates the product is protected. Recently, "Gansu on the west the root of remembranous milk vetch " , " Gansu on the west white a dangshen " proof brand carries a state successfully industrial and commercial total bureau registers announcement, become Gansu material moves toward Chinese traditional medicine on the west another piece of pass of the world.
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