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Gansu sells source of the root of remembranous milk vetch, short for Weihe River to sell county of dangshen, Min to sell angelica on the west... making on the west surely " Chinese medicine " . On July 19, association of industry of the medicinal material in the Gansu Province that approves via visitting civil administration office is being decided city mouth guard is held on the west establish plenary session, gansu Province is new industry of orchid drug drug, Gansu Province is helped up many 30 enterprise such as medical industry becomes member unit, comprised capable person of Gansu former Chinese traditional medicine " aircraft carrier " .

That day establish congress to go up, gansu Province of association director unit is helped up Inc. of medical industry science and technology and institute of physics of chemistry of Lanzhou of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reached joint development to fight cancer the agreement of project of a kind of new drug; Gansu Province is new industry of orchid drug drug the heavy ion that latter-day physics institute reached limited company and Lanzhou of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to always invest 850 million yuan bundle the agreement that cancer center builds a project in all. Of these two agreements reach, farther promotion I save the technical level of industry of drug of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

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