Shandong plans " 915 " the industry grows Chinese traditional medicine
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Recently, shandong province hair changes appoint, trade of Shandong province classics appoint respectively formulate " industry of Shandong province biology develops a program (2008-2012 year) " and " Shandong medicine industry " 915 " development plans " , development Chinese traditional medicine the industry regards as main component. The program arrives in 915 end officinal produce per year a quantity to achieve 50 thousand tons.

Shandong is the industry saves Chinese traditional medicine greatly. No matter material resource reachs Chinese traditional medicine,grow line of business, medium still officinal industry, decisive place is had in the whole nation. East donkey-hide gelatin of A card donkey-hide gelatin, blessing word card and honeysuckle of path ground medicinal material, complete scorpion, the dried venom of toads all famed far and near. Since entering 21 centuries especially, government of province of Shandong provincial Party committee takes Chinese traditional medicine seriously very modernization, modernization leads the Chinese traditional medicine that held water to lead assume leadership by the province group, built the Chinese traditional medicine that bureau of 40 many hall attends modern joint meeting, made a series of favourable policy that to Chinese traditional medicine modernization tilts, effectively promoted complete province Chinese traditional medicine modernization good rapid development, respect of the form of a drug of level of technology of the new breed that treating the disease such as blood-vessel of head of cancer, heart, hepatitis and field of healthy health care especially, production, product is broken through somewhat, "Donkey-hide gelatin is developed 2 times " modern research obtains Chinese traditional medicine significant progress, entered an international market to stride new step for Chinese traditional medicine, 4 Chinese traditional medicine produce an enterprise to enter countrywide Chinese traditional medicine to produce a business 50 strong, area in the Chinese traditional medicine of 10 thousand mus of above material cultivates base to amount to 10 many, officinal exit amounts to 30 many countries and area in, for " 915 " development laid solid foundation.

" program " be in certainly modern Chinese traditional medicine respect, henceforth 5 years, begin actively feral with help advance somebody's career the resource investigation of the medicinal material, kind resource can use qualitative preservation, Chinese traditional medicine continuously the research that waits for a technology, use cellular confluence, clone, group to earth up poison, turn the technology such as gene is accelerated reform and material of seed selection Chinese traditional medicine is good breed, increase new breed of Chinese traditional medicine, Chinese traditional medicine the development strength of preparation technology and equipment, the medicinal material in strengthening is cultivated, standardization of treatment, pharmacy and research and development of technology of standard sample preparation, improve product quality, in be being perfected as soon as possible, medicine cultivates system of standardization of GMP of process of GAP, production to build, have key ground train a batch of provincial Chinese traditional medicine are modern area of demonstrative garden of industry of science and technology (base, county) with Chinese traditional medicine modern science and technology sets an example enterprise, give aid to material of Chinese traditional medicine of class of county of a batch of city cultivates base, accelerate development to show acting Chinese traditional medicine industry. In complete province officinal production will with Lu Na pharmacy, east greenery of industry of drug of wind of A donkey-hide gelatin, Wo Huake ability, country, Yantai, pace grows phoenix of medical industry, Shandong to wait for an enterprise to be a backbone, active promotion extracts rarefied technology advancedly, raise the technical content of the product, popularize modern technology to produce medium application in Chinese traditional medicine, series of key development donkey-hide gelatin, heart but heart of the easy, family name that raise a heart, head is connected, content of extraction of American ginseng of the peace of fluid of inject of liver of easy of 3 whip series, loose, ginkgo, cardiac muscle, red that stretch veins that stand out under the skin, high content, to 2010, officinal total output achieves 50 thousand tons in. In the meantime, GAP of the medicinal material in be being advanced actively produces standardization, the standardization of the medicinal material in promotion is cultivated. Use help advance somebody's career advancedly technology and biology technology, raise quality of high school medicinal material and yield. Give aid to actively tripartite confrontation of rich of Shandong bethel, Zi, Shandong farming peony of big, He lustre, without younger brother material produces the Chinese traditional medicine such as the base that raise an ass the construction of base. Promote the development that into Chinese traditional medicine prepared herbal medicine in small pieces ready of decoction processes trade energetically, pass technical reformation, raise process capability and quality level.
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