7 ten million protect Hainan precious south medical species
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Hainan province is many and precious south medical resource got annihilative destroy, a lot of species are close to eradicating. My province carries out a country to support plan project for this organization " precious is rare be in severe danger south medicine can be used continuously reach product of the drug austral characteristic to develop " , capture technical bottleneck, drive an industry to develop. The project always invests 70.09 million yuan, 5-6 of research and development is planted south medical new drug, develop 30 kinds south medical travel, health care is tasted, promote the drug austral characteristic relevant industry dimensions amounts to 5 billion yuan of above.

As we have learned, go up century since 70 time later period, many and precious south of medical resource buy cut not to have foreword blindly, bring about resource to get annihilative destroy, a lot of species are close to eradicating, if fall thick Chinese torreya of sweet yellow wingceltis, Bai Muxiang, Hainan. Great south inadequacy of raw material of medical new drug was restricted south can last of medical industry development, south the development of medical terminal product and brand construction are defective, with south the medicine austral the characteristic that the medicinal material is main raw material line of the products content of smudginess of little, characteristic, technology is low.

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