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2007, jilin saves horticultural specialty line of business to realize total production value 32.4 billion yuan, grow 14.2% compared to the same period; Income of line of business of specialty of farmer average per capita achieves 1014 yuan, than going up year of growth 13.8% . A batch of horticultural products that have Jilin distinguishing feature and treatment company are in fast and arisen, drove dimensions of line of business of complete province specialty to change degree and specialization of the level rise, make should save specialty line of business to be become stage by stage become a farmer to add close, the important pillar industry that agricultural synergism and local finance actual strength strengthen.

From look at present, jilin saves development of horticultural specialty line of business to appear piece the following 3 characteristics.

It is vegetable industry development perspective is wide. Current, save year of vegetable to cultivate an area to amount to 750 thousand mus completely, vegetable crop achieves 10.06 million tons, vegetable of average per capita has an amount 365 kilograms, but gap of the vegetable that return season is very big. In the light of Jilin the province turns over season vegetable shortage and northeast inferior the real case with national vegetable big demand and this province are located in northeast inferior the district advantage of core region, jilin saves establish the construction inside 10 years becomes vegetable base of 1 million mus of warm canopy, realize production value 25 billion yuan target. Carry this project, 20% what save vegetable production value to will reach total production value of complete province agriculture completely, net income achieves 17.5 billion yuan, income of vegetable of average per capita of complete province farmer achieves 1250 yuan, 9.8% what occupy per capita of full requirements farmer. Will labor of 1.5 million country is engaged in technically warming canopy vegetable grows line of business, occupy the 1/4 left and right sides that saves rural labor sum completely. Annual but new raise the vegetable that return season 500 thousand tons, complete province returns season vegetable to be able to come true basically inside 3 years self-sufficient, can sell past periphery the 4th year province and export external.

2 it is edible bacterium industry compares a dominant position apparent. Jilin province belongs to climate of monsoon of sex of temperate zone mainland, difference in temperature of a mountainous area day and night is bigger, appropriate development has the edible bacterium industry of Jilin characteristic, in last few years, industry of bacterium of complete province edible forward dimensions is changed, specialization way develops. The flood dragon river of along the line of 302 nations line, honest changes Jilin churchyard, install graph, Wang Qing, Hui spring 5 advocate produce a county (city) , had formed the edible bacterium industry that gives priority to body with black agaric to take. Draw rural able-bodied person 112 thousand person, occupy the 24.9 % of gross of labor of local rural area; Black agaric crop achieves 25 thousand tons, occupy the 17.1 % that save total output completely; The production value that finish 980 million yuan, occupy the 11.4 % of local agriculture total production value; Income of bacterium of edible of farmer average per capita 1448 yuan, 35.5% what occupy per capita of farmer of local full requirements. Formed the agricultural dominant industry with bright characteristic stage by stage.
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