"Medical city " cannot be fooled and go up should unite a program by the country
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The construction of garden of industry of our country medicine should unite a program to examine and approve by the country, each district builds division of garden of industry of of all kinds medicine according to characteristic of area medicine industry, strive for each has his strong point, each have distinguishing feature, can form good complementary, the comparison that realizes each places thereby advantage, the proper concentration of stimulative resource, produce assemble effect.

After city of medicine of afterwards peaceful city holds water, connected in June 2008 change medical city to also hold water in succession, according to not complete count, cereal of medicine of countrywide each district, medicine, the area of garden of industry of of all kinds medicine such as city of medical harbor, medicine already exceeded 100, so numerous medical industry garden, distribution is equitable, whether realize gain, put nonexistent the question that repeats construction?

Medical industry is industry of a rising sun inside limits all over the world, world pharmacy industry is annual with 5% ~ the rate of 7% rises steadily, and industry of our country pharmacy is more with annual the double speed at GDP grows quickly.

Predict 2010, gross value of industrial output of our country medicine closes the breakthrough -727379968 yuan greatly, make the world market of the 5th big medicine.

Living standard of aged, people increases population increasingly and reform of new medical treatment system is the development of industry of our country medicine to provide driving power, estimation did not come 5 ~ 10 years, industry of our country medicine will greet the gold period of a rapid development. Developing the high self-identity of foreground to medical industry because of everybody, begin from 2000 so, inside countrywide limits arisen one prepares to construct the upsurge of area of garden of biology medicine industry.

Say commonly, the division of medical industry garden that our country already built can divide 5 kinds roughly: With hatch project of new and high technology is main goal the first kind, form produce, learn, the technical innovation system that grinds to be united in wedlock, the area of garden of ZhongGuanCun life science and technology of piece of Jiang Gaoke that its representing has Shanghai and Beijing; The 2nd kind builds whole production to make industrial catenary be main goal with compose, form from former complementary makings, outer packing, supply chain to the production of preparation finished product all the time, the delegate has Jilin to connect turn medical city; The 3rd kind with implementation medicine product trade for main goal, compose advocates Chinese traditional medicine medicine of material, raw material or the trading of the body intermediate center, the medicinal material in representing the Bo state that has Anhui trades the market; The 4th kind relies on has natural resource, develop characteristic medicine property, like; of garden of Yunnan medicine industry the 5th kind is area of omnibus medical industry garden, market research and development, make, sale, even the medical industry garden that medical treatment service is an organic whole, the delegate has city of peaceful city medicine.
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