Snow lotus hopeful becomes a room to quiver fine medicine
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Xue Lian of high mountain strange flower is spent, be discovered to contain the natural part that can control atrium fiber sex to vibrate first. Not only such, shanghai harbor scientist realizes this composition successfully to be synthesized artificially, develop for content of forerunner of a kind of medicaments, already filed domestic and international patent now. The innovation positive result that classics of this all previous obtains 5 years, published at periodical of card of head of course of international heart and vessels a few days ago " circularly " , and by world-renowned magazine " natural " Chinese webpage " natural China " label " research window " .

Atrium fiber sex is vibratile (namely the room quivers) as a kind of the commonnest arrhythmia, in 50 years old, 65 years old, the incidence of a disease in crowd of 80 years old of above, amount to respectively 0.5% , 5% , 10% , show the sign that rise sharply. The room quivers the risk that increases a patient to fill heart failure of courage and uprightness, apoplectic, sudden death, it is the serious illness of health of life of minatory old people. Expert introduction, nowadays is clinical use fight arrhythmia medicaments to quiver to the room have certain curative effect, but can cause atrium of the heart " adjoining neighbour " -- , ventricular mortality fine quivers. Accordingly, research and development is had to atrium mix optionally of concentrated sex fight a room to quiver medicaments, already became international medicine bound to weigh one of big tasks.

The scientist discovers in recent years, have a kind of special bioelectric current " IKur " , the atrium flesh of consist in person, and nonexistent at ventricular flesh. The atrium muscle specimen that college of medicine of Hong Kong university is excised in surgery of heart of body of choose and employ persons of benefit of Dr. Li Guirong and should discard, depart gives cell of individual atrium flesh, make the cellular model that has bioelectric current IKur. In crossing district to cooperate, preparation of Qin Guowei of institute of medicaments of Shanghai of Chinese Academy of Sciences's researcher a few Chinese herbal medicine collect content sample, hand in harbor large lab to undertake this model is chosen, discovery hides medical snow lotus to extract content to have only restrain " IKur " action.

Accordingly, group of task of Wei of country of the Qin Dynasty uses different and organic dissolvent early or late ordinal extraction, snow lotus extraction content differentiates to differ for 3 part, classics biology active checks, find among them a portion is significant. Final, their recycle principle of layer analyse depart, the active only member in locking up the lotus that decide snow -- , " sponge tree element (Acacetin) " . The animal such as body heart, anaesthetic dog leaves in hare of cell of flesh of popular feeling room, home in research, confirm sponge tree element has alternative inhibition to the electric activity of atrium flesh. Researcher is returned sponge tree element and fight arrhythmia clinical medicaments " all alone his Luo Er " undertook contrast, discovery is former can prevent atrium fine to quiver significantly, and do not cause mortality ventricle fine to quiver. Experiment of small rat noxiousness also makes clear, this is a natural compound with avirulent or extremely low noxiousness.
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