China doubled the price of Chinese herbal medicines into the market turned up h
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Recently, in Guangxi, Guangzhou, Yunnan and other places, turned up several times the price of Chinese herbal medicines. Industry sources said the man overwhelmed by the tide on price speculation in Chinese herbal medicine ingredients obvious. Yao Road in Nanning City, the wholesale store several Chinese herbal medicines, herbal medicines due to the recent rise rapidly, customers come to buy medicine to reduce a lot. Tri-Mountain Nanning herbal shop owner said that the recent price of medicines has been Rose, Tianqi from 100 yuan per kilogram rose 400 yuan, the price of Ophiopogon japonicus 30 yuan per kg rose to 100 yuan. Guangzhou City in Guangdong Province, Chinese herbal medicine prices and comprehensive "rosy", which heterophylla per kg within six months rose to 370 yuan from 70 yuan. Jinan City in Shandong Province, the market American ginseng, astragalus, gelatin, Lily Prices of 40 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines such as a 10-year high. Southwest China is an important producer of traditional Chinese medicine, this year, heavy rain, drought and other weather, many Chinese herbal medicines is significantly reduced, leading to the southwest of Panax notoginseng on behalf of specialty medicines for the price varying degrees Up. Yang Jianguo Pharmaceutical Trade business to do that, Southwest drought just overwhelmed by traditional Chinese medicine prices push one of the factors, as in recent years, rising labor costs in China and the Chinese gradually recognized by the World , Chinese herbal medicine long history of migration in the low price will never return. Yang Jianguo said that in recent years, some varieties of Chinese herbal medicines have been due to prevailing bullish epidemic. A flow from the hand, foot and mouth disease outbreak when the hair makes it increased the demand for traditional Chinese medicine, such as clearing and detoxifying, anti- Bacteria, improve the immune system and other effects of honeysuckle, Radix, etc., on the pandemic period increased demand. In addition, with the public health effects of Chinese herbal medicine to enhance understanding, herbs in the beverage, food and many other fields should be Become more widely used, demand is also growing. On the other hand, the current acreage of Chinese herbal medicine in China showed a decreasing trend is, less and less wild herbs. China Association of Chinese herbal medicine, deputy director Gu Haibin Information Center said that many herbs are grown on artificial, but in recent years, due to increased food prices, combined with Chinese herbal medicine planting time, high costs, some Yaonong Change the grain crops, such as Angelica, Astragalus and other herbs, it is because the small acreage, resulting in lower yields of only a shortage situation. Many industry insiders believe that overwhelmed addition to natural factors, traditional Chinese medicine prices, the speculation does not rule out human factors. Yang Jianguo said the Chinese herbal medicine are agricultural products, prices reflect market conditions, coupled with a single origin of medicine, received By the seasonal concentration of production is not like wheat, corn, like a huge, speculators do not spend too much money, you can control the price of a single medicine, which led to some areas of hot money into Chinese herbal medicine, speculators hoarding medicine, at low Higher. Severe pressure from the Chinese government is the property market, a lot of hot money remains after the withdrawal of investment in the property market impulse. Thus, grain, vegetables, herbal medicines as these funds flow competing object of speculation, a large number of property funds removed Influx of pharmaceutical, medicinal herbs, growers and the drug market, there will be no small circulation impact. Hot money driving up drug prices in the capital game, how to avoid damage to the interests of Yaonong become the focus of attention. Yang Jianguo that regulate traditional Chinese medicine industry from the perspective of one hand, to combine traditional Chinese medicine origin Features characteristic of the region to do the planting Chinese herbal medicine, build their own brands; the other hand, should establish a sound mechanism for appropriate compensation, farmers harvest in traditional Chinese medicine from the profits of gold to the government to pay a certain risk Department or professional cooperatives, crop failure or a bad market or cooperatives by the government subsidies given to the appropriate to avoid big fluctuations in the market of Chinese herbal medicines, so Yaonong interests.