"China deer town" of Chinese herbal medicines will "take" on the Internet of T
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Continue to occur in recent years, the "traditional Chinese medicine injections" adverse events, quality problems caused by the medicines industry-wide concern. To solve this problem, from the "deer in China town" and "Hometown of Chinese wild silkworm," Xifeng, Liaoning Chinese herbal medicines will "take" on the express train of things: setting through medicine, "tag" to achieve the production of Chinese herbal medicines from the plant whole can be traced back to sales, to improve the quality and safety of Chinese herbal medicines regulation automation, information technology and standardization. Reporter Xifeng County, Liaoning Province from the 18 committee, county government, held a news conference in Beijing was informed by the Liaoning Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, Tieling Municipal People's Government hosted the 2010 Northeast China and other Chinese herbal medicine ginseng trade fair will be 12 8 to 9, held at the local. Xifeng County, Liaoning is located in the northeast is rich in wild deer have been a "royal enclosure", rich in ginseng, deer horn, Schisandra, the keel and other herbs, in recent years to develop the ginseng, Chinese herbal medicine as the focus of the green industry. During the fair, in addition to spot trading ginseng and herbal medicines, bulk herbs and standardization of technical achievements standard transactions, Xifeng County will in the "perceived health" field of experienced co-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Nanjing, in the pharmaceutical industry promote the use of electronic labels in the things of new technologies, to further ensure the quality of traditional Chinese medicine to provide protection.