Domestic price increase of Chinese herbal medicines record a new record of 10
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Over the past year, the domestic price of the overall surge in Chinese herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine products, rising costs, especially this year in October and November, prices rose at a record high of Chinese herbal medicines, traditional Chinese medicine market, the domestic price index starting from 2000 until the breaking point of 4,000 points. Chinese herbal medicines during the year, the large price increases, many variety, fluctuations in the speed of setting a new record in 10 years. According to the Investment Adviser Industry Research Center data show that in October 2009 to October of this year, the domestic prices of medicines rose 51% -100% of the medicinal species, 28%, accounting for the vast majority of medicine prices; increase in the 101 % to 180% and 21% to 50% of medicinal species account for 22%; rose 5% to 20% of the medicinal species, 17%; rose to 181-300% of the medicinal species 6%; more than 300% varieties accounted for 2%. Investment adviser in the pharmaceutical industry researcher Jianghua Yang pointed out that such a large increase for downstream manufacturers of proprietary Chinese medicines bring no small pressure. As raw material prices, labor costs, many small and medium manufacturers of proprietary Chinese medicines have been overwhelmed, as Chinese herbal medicine prices have been higher than the end retail price, so many Chinese enterprises have chosen to stop production, and some small pharmaceutical companies has been hovering around the edge of collapse, if the medicines prices are still higher, then the business will be more pressure. Investment Advisor, research director Zhang Yan Lin pointed out that as the price of the medicine into Development and Reform Commission of independent pricing and uniform pricing, the prices of raw materials after the Chinese enterprises, in addition to a "competitive prices", "exclusive pricing" Chinese medicine manufacturers can adjust the prices of raw materials prices, the more there is no "exclusive pricing" right of small and medium sized pharmaceutical companies need to be if you want to raise the price Development and Reform Commission approval, and the time required to obtain approval will be a long process. Investment Advisor in the release of "2010-2015 China Pharmaceutical Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" that the prices of Chinese herbal medicines in the queue, heterophylla undoubtedly is by far the leader, and Wujiapi, to repair a bone fat, mountain gardenia and littoralis gains have exceeded industry expectations. As demand for the winter season is the traditional Chinese herbal medicines, traditional Chinese medicine so this round of price increases will continue until next spring, is expected next spring, after the price of medicines will gradually return to a reasonable price.