City of medicine of city of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty on September 7
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Figwort face about to give birth is new, market price case has fall after a rise again, market of city of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty still does not have apparent change; Hunan market is small now choose piece 2.8 yuan,

The market comes to the root-tuber of aromatic turmeric this year money is not much, most druggist buys goods to come back without load pull in producing area; The root-tuber of aromatic turmeric piece 8 yuan.

Caoguo produces new price fall after a rise this year, most druggist pays close attention to, yu Zhou market level is follow Guangxi and change, much trade of later period prices pays close attention to; Ask a price of state of caoguo the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty 30 yuan.

Dragon of Henan producing area comes money is more; Be the first little money 33 yuan, money of bigger a standard-sized sheet 52 yuan.

Market of silk tree skin ambulates unhappy, producing area price 2 yuan, supply of goods is enough; Show market price 3.3 yuan.

Market of lustre have diarrhoea comes from time to tome goods, market price is not high now; Big money 5.5 yuan.

Sweet add supply of goods little, take money fast; All goods or so yuan 9.

Gold is existing beg buy; Valence 13 yuan.

Little price of white mulberry fur is crude; Market price 7 yuan.

The root bark of the tree peony ambulates to be unhappy as before; All goods 15 yuan.

Bi Ba has ambulate; Clinch a deal valence 18 yuan.

Cordate houttuynia price falls late; Market price 3.5 yuan.

Little price of tortoise plastron commodity is certain ambulate passable; Market price 140 yuan.

Honeysuckle cane pharmaceutical factory walks along free greatly with money amount; Market price 1.5 yuan.

High aspiration ambulates general; All commodity market price 45 yuan.

Plantain big money ambulates fast; Market price 2.8 yuan.

Little value of milk thistle goods firm, the person that find business is much; Market price 15 yuan.

Tuckahoe price slips delay; Case load goods 11 yuan.

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