3 city that establish drug on September 7 dispatch
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Saline cistanche (big Yun) to protect feral resource sustainable use, for human benefit, concerned branch was made in succession be in severe danger feral medicinal material runs a system, the forbidden personnel that do not have card enters hill wanton collect dig, producing area severe canal has seen effect first, produce new capacity to decrease apparently now, extent of reduction of output is in about 50% the left and right sides, accordingly, pull litre rise in price; Current price: Goods of weak gather into one rises to 85, 110 yuan (go up year of the corresponding period 65, 70 yuan) , choose goods to rise to 110, 130 yuan (go up year of the corresponding period 78, 91 yuan) , hard big Yun rises to 55, 60 yuan (go up year of the corresponding period 45, 52 yuan) .

Trifoliate orange real near future, as produce new end, the supply of goods that enter town is more, the market is sold situation is poorer, but price carries stable state all the time however, and from time to tome small rise situation, show this city light trading, big money is rare clinch a deal, see fragmentary purchaser occasionally, attention businessman is not much; Current price 11, 17 yuan (relatively on the month rose 3 yuan) .

Market of white beans cardamom seed is rare ambulate, the price continues to glide, a lot of manage a benefit scanty, replenish onr's stock is not active, all enter in order to sell surely commonly, rare merchandise keep long in stock, city goes after situation is general, short-term inside have big improvement hard; Present price 49, 55 yuan (relatively on the moon is small glide to be controlled 2 yuan) .

Bai Hu any of several hot spice plants is produced new near end, as taste newly enter town in succession, this city supply of goods shows abundant, but turn gradually as a result of weather cool, flourishing sells season whether flourishing is sold also is the focus that distributor home pays close attention to most, nevertheless business predicts, market price case drops after the space is limited, in keeping firm small rise the possibility of situation is larger; Present price is 29, 31 yuan (relatively on the month glides 2 yuan or so) .

Heavy building should be tasted advocate producing area is Sichuan and other places, basically supply medical city with feral breed, the acute of year after year that measures as feral supply of goods is decreased, year after year of market price case is climbed litre, although the near future is sold situation is endless the meaning that be like a person, but still get druggist attention fully, the person that thorough producing area is bought buys big goods hard mostly; Nowadays, goods of market price large tube-shaped part rises to 170, 180 yuan (on month 160, 175 yuan, rise compared to the same period extent is 44.5% ) , goods of small tube-shaped part rises to 150 160 yuan one (on month 140, 155 yuan, rise compared to the same period extent 39.5% ) .
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